Tips to make your bathroom truly sustainable

Tips to make your bathroom truly sustainable

In a time where saving money and keeping energy costs down is more crucial than ever before, reducing waste and saving water are just two things that can make a big difference to you and the planet.

A lot of time is spent in your bathroom to wash our hair, bodies and to clean our teeth.

And whilst we enjoy the relaxing nature of our bathroom, it is important to recognise how you can be cleaner and greener for the planet.

Whether this requires switching up the materials or finding a sustainable alternative to the products you use on a daily basis as part of your morning routine, there are always subtle changes that we can make.

This useful guide will provide 5 tips to clean up your bathroom habits, whilst also being more environmentally friendly.

Incorporate quick-growing bamboo

Bamboo cotton blends are becoming more and more commercial with an array of bamboo products reaching the market and being more readily available.

Bamboo toothbrushes, clothes, bed linen and toilet paper - to just name a few - are more common now than ever.

More and more brands are recognising the need to make a change, to consider more sustainable materials, and be more ethical when choosing resources.

Bamboo Tooth Brush

The reason for this is that bamboo has a handful of beneficial properties.

Firstly, bamboo fibres are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, odour resistant and hypo-allergenic - meaning that towels made from bamboo are perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Because of this, Allure Bath Fashions have created a beautiful range of bamboo cotton blend towels, to add a super soft and sustainable touch to your bathroom.

With 7 colours to choose from, you'll find something to compliment your style and décor. Get the full set with face cloths, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets available.

Better still, coordinate these bamboo towels with a perfectly matching bamboo cotton non-slip bath mat, for a fully put together look.

Eradicate single use plastics

Cotton buds are one of the most frequently used single use products in the bathroom.

However, there are more eco friendly options are available.

For instance, switching to bamboo cotton buds can make a positive difference.

Bamboo Cotton Buds

Made from natural resources, these cotton buds are biodegradable. This means that the devastating effects of single use plastics is avoided once we discard of the cotton buds.

Another big culprit is cotton pads.

Thrown away after a single use, cotton pads fill landfills which are already overflowing and causing environmental destruction.

To eliminate this threat, consider switching to reusable face pads, which can be added to your wash cycle.

Or instead, having a range of washable face cloths available is another great alternative.

Our collection of brilliantly soft, zero twist face cloths are made from luxurious Egyptian Cotton and are perfect for carefully removing make up and washing your face.

Also, consider switching your disposable razors for something more sturdy and long-term as a final simple change that you could make.

Consider organic cotton

Traditional cotton, though one of the most popular fabrics for textiles production, unfortunately does leave a footprint on the planet.

The vast amount of water usage required for growing standard cotton is 90% higher than the water needed for organic cotton.

Furthermore, pesticides play a big part in contributing to cotton growth.

Pesticides are harmful chemicals which poison our soil and waterways, and has a shocking impact on the habitats of wildlife and animals.

Pesticide use in Cotton Production

Brands like Misona are here to make a change.

Their missions and values are to provide you with a range of bathroom products which are more eco friendly. This will help you to save money, energy and electricity, all whilst reducing the impact made on the planet.

With a beautiful range of Organic Cotton Towels, which are ethically made with soul, switching to these towels will only have a positive impact on the world.

Only the finest organic cotton fibres are used to make these textured ribbed towels.

Colour coordinated organic cotton bath mats are available to give your bathroom a full refresh for less. The luxurious ribbed design offers softness and supreme absorbency.

Plastic packaging

In your bathroom you will find that the majority of the products your reach for every day are stored in plastic bottles and packaging.

Though you may think that because they are easily recycled, they are sustainable. This isn't necessarily the case.

Because of this, an up rise in packaging-less products are hitting the shelves in supermarkets.

From shampoo bottles, body washes and soap, these eco friendly companies are heading in the right direction to tackling pollution and global warming.

Eco friendly soap

Plastic free products typically have biodegradable packaging to protect the product before it reaches your bathroom. This packaging can be easily disposed without leaving an impact.

Alternatively, you can purchase reusable containers to store your soaps and shampoos, with some up and coming shops allowing you the chance to go in and fill your containers up instead of purchasing it in single use bottles.

Reducing water usage

Saving water in the bathroom can be done with a couple switches to your current habits and bathroom fixtures.

Being more mindful of the amount of water you're using is a smart way to cut down on your energy bills, as well as also saving the precious source.

A simple thing you can do to save water is to make sure that you switch off the tap whilst you are brushing your teeth.

Another option is changing to a dual flush toilet model to ensure you only use as much water as you need.

Whilst this may be costly to begin with, you will make savings in the long-term as well the positive environmental impact you will be having.

Dual Flush Toilet

Also, consider replacing your standard shower head with a low flow shower head; or similarly, low-flow taps.

They reduce the waterflow, whilst also reducing the amount of energy required for a hot shower.

One other way to use less water is to try adding a Diatomite Bath Mat to your bathrooms.

Diatomite is a naturally occurring, soft, sedimentary rock. It is super absorbent, so perfect for soaking up water from wet feet. 

Amazingly, a Diatomite Bath Mat goes from wet to dry in around 60 seconds every single time you step out onto it after a bath or shower.

You'll save on electricity, water, and detergent because you don't need to wash or dry it like traditional mats.

Make the difference

Go ahead with just a few of these sustainable switches and you will start to see the benefits and have an eco friendly bathroom in no time. 

Not only to you, but you can also take pride in knowing you're helping to tackle global warming with simple eco-friendly alternatives.

Once you've made some sustainable switches in the bathroom, consider introducing sustainable decor into other rooms of the house such as a Chindi Rug. Learn more about what makes our Chindi Rugs truly unique.


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