Bathrobes - Why it's worth it to have one

Bathrobes - Why it's worth it to have one

A bathrobe is typically used for privacy, in between times where you aren't wearing normal clothes. Mainly used as you step out of a hot bath or shower, the best bathrobes should have a few qualities: softness, absorbency, and warmth.

Owning a robe can be seen as a convenience, as it is a simple, yet modest garment that can be thrown on, no matter the situation.

Bath robe white lifestyle

Perhaps you are rolling out of bed and are about to head downstairs and put the kettle on, before your morning shower, but your pyjamas aren't providing the warmth for a brisk morning. Slipping on a bathrobe is a great way to add coverage and warmth as you leave your bedroom.

Terry towelling bathrobes

Similarly to the luxurious, soft bathrobe you would lounge in at a 5 star spa day, our 100% Cotton Bathrobes match the hotel quality, and provide complete comfort and warmth.

This terry towelling unisex bathrobe is perfect for all, with 3 neutral colours available - Charcoal, White and Navy. Perhaps get a pair and treat yourself to a his and hers, so you can cosy up together.

Navy Bathrobe Close Up

With a long cotton tie, secured in loop holes, this towelling bathrobe will wrap around you and keep you covered. Better still, find large, deep pockets which are a useful touch for those who always have their hands full.

Thick, combed 100% cotton

Colder months are around the corner, meaning the need for an extra bit of warmth is necessary, especially when experiencing the temperature change as you step out from a steamy shower.

With a similar weight to our collection of our Hotel Towels, this cotton robe is a weighty 400gsm. This thick feel cotton robe is certain to provide the warmth you need, as the fluffy cotton feel, hugs your skin.

The benefits of a cotton robe is of course, absorbency. Similarly to 100% cotton towels which will soak up splashes, a bathrobe obtains these same practical properties.

Modest design for all

Men's and women's robes are identical, with the roomy, oversized look made to cater for all.

If you are frequently having guests over, a bathrobe is a great way to add an extra layer in the mornings, and look somewhat stylish, before you get ready for the day.

White Bathrobe Unisex Design

A sleek, modest design which has a shawl collar and a secure tie waist is perfect for providing extra coverage.

Stylish yet subtle colours make these bathrobes a great garment to have hanging in your bathroom, complimenting your bathroom décor, whilst it beautifully drapes as it is ready to grab.

Alternatively, treat your guests to a luxurious and snuggly robe for them to wrap up in after a shower or bath.

Perfect for use outdoors

Perhaps instead you enjoy a dip in the hot tub in the garden, under the moonlight as the evenings get cooler.

Having a towelling dressing gown ready to put on is a great idea, a super soft and absorbent cotton robe will dry you off and keep you warm as you head inside.

Similarly, a bathrobe can be an ideal garment to take to the pool, as it is easy to wrap up in as you move from the poolside to the changing rooms, eliminating the worry of a beach towel slipping down.

So, are bathrobes worth it?

If you see yourself getting use from a bathrobe daily, whether that be around the house for an added touch of warmth, or slipping into after a relaxing bath - it may be worth investing in a high quality robe that will be durable and long lasting, through frequent wear.

Or, perhaps you know a family member or a friend who would benefit from having their very own cotton terry robe. They make wonderful gifts, which are thoughtful and are bound to be loved by the recipient.

Dressing gown three colours

Each of our bathrobes come beautifully folded using the waist tie, ready to be given as a gift.

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