Bringing old towels back to life

Bringing old towels back to life

With the ongoing cost of living crisis that we are facing, we know the importance of spending your money more prudently.

That's where recycling and upcycling can help.

After a while, your once-loved towels can lose much of their original softness and may begin to snag and lose their stylish touch.

If you have a bunch of old towels and bath sheets lying round the house which you may feel guilty to throwing away, keep on reading.

We've got a few tips for ways which you can reuse and upcycle some of your old towels.

Use your old towel outside

Want to go out and enjoy the sunshine but don't have picnic blanket to pack?

Well, an old bath sheet or bath towels can double up as a picnic blanket for you to sit on an enjoy your lunch.

Using a towel as a picnic blanket

If you are a keen gardener, this simple tip is one for you.

When kneeling on the floor to do some weeding, or watering some plants, your knees could be in danger of scrapes or stings.

A great way to reuse old towels that aren't quite fit for the house any more is to use them as knee pads.

Fold your old bath towel over a couple of times to create a comfortable platform to rest on whilst you give your garden some love.

Reuse towels for your furry friends

As summer comes to an end and the weather begins to turn, dog walks can become very wet and messy thanks to those Autumn and Winter showers.

Drying off your furry friend with a towel is a great way to get some extra use out of them.

Dry your dog with old towels

Or alternatively, place a few old towels in the back of your car. This will help with keeping your cars interior clean, and safe from wet, muddy paws.

The great thing about using towels for this is that they can easily be machine washed, so you can use your ratty towels for the same thing over and over again without having to throw them away.

If you yourself haven't got a pet, local animal shelters will be happy to take donations, to get old towels off your hands.

They can be used to comfort an array of animals or instead, the old towels can be upcycled to create a brand new dog toy.

A new chance of life

With the end of the Summer holidays fast approaching, it can be difficult to think of any new ideas to entertain your kids.

With some basic sewing skills, bring your towels back to life by transforming them into puppets.

Get creative with washcloth puppets and style them with different coloured towels.

You can also accessorise these towel puppets with googly eyes for a fun final touch. This is one of many great uses for old towels that you have lying around the home.

Make some cotton face pads

For a more sustainable, zero waste alternative to cotton pads, upcycle your towels into small reusable pads for your face.

Single use products like cotton pads and cotton buds have an awful and visible effect on the environment, creating masses of waste that could be easily prevented by using a sustainable alternative that doesn't need to be disposed of after use.

Cotton buds with plastic stems create an alarming amount of plastic waste, much of which ends up in our waterways. This in turn damages the ecosystem for our marine life.

By making a small batch of cotton face pads from your old towels, you can save money and eliminate the risk of filling landfills, or worse.

Make yourself an upcycled bag

Perfect for the beach, a towelling bag provides a great idea for upcycling any old towel.

A 100% cotton towel will be both super absorbent and lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion.

Bath Towel on a Beach

If you're a fan of DIY projects this could be a brilliant way to transform your towels into something brand new.

Add a personal touch to your towelling beach bag with embroidery. This will make sure it is one of a kind.

Out with the old...

And, in with the new.

If you have now been inspired to reuse your old bath towels and are looking to add a new super soft set to your home, check out our collections here.

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