How to utilise corner and curved shower mats

Not all bathrooms have the same shape and space to cater for a traditional, rectangular bath mat.

That is why you may look to get a different shaped mat to surround the corner of your shower.

And depending on the shape of your shower, you can take your pick between two choices: a corner shower mat or a curved shower mat.

Perfect for squared shower units, corner bath mats have a cut out, to tightly surround your shower.

Corner Shower Mat - 100% Cotton, Dove Grey

This simple yet unique L-shape design make these mats ideal for keeping your floor dry.

A curved bath mat can be used in various places, to soften up hard edges.

This rounded mat can be placed around the edge of a curved shower or bath or maybe even around the sink or toilet, to keep your feet off of cold bathroom tiles.

What is the difference between a bath mat and a shaped shower mat?

Despite the difference in shape, these shower mats have the exact same features which you’d expect from a traditional bath mat.

Our brand new collection of corner and curved shower mats are made from 100% cotton.

This provides you with an assurance that these mats will be super absorbent and soak up any splashes from your bathroom floor.

Corner Shower Mat - 100% Cotton, Charcoal Grey

The construction of cotton bath mats will give peace of mind that they’ll remain soft to the touch after every wash.

Strength and durability are other properties of cotton, making this the perfect material to withstand daily use, whilst showing no signs of wear and tear.

These bathroom rugs are also easy care; simply pop these mats in the washing machine and tumble dryer to return them to their original softness.

Picking the right shape

When shopping for the right shower rug for you, it’s important to consider what shapes and designs will compliment your bathrooms facilities.

Choosing a shower mat that perfectly hugs the edge of your shower can give an instantly stylish look and can give your bathroom a complete look.

If you have a curved shower unit, a rectangular bath mat will likely look harsh beside it.

A curved shower mat will remove these harsh lines from the bathroom and add a soft touch.

Curved Shower Mat - 100% Cotton, Dove Grey

Similarly, our corner bath mats come with rounded edges to eliminate the sharp feel from your bathroom, giving a more relaxing vibe, something that we all crave when we have a long soak in the bath or a hot shower.

The inner cut out on our corner shower mat measure 35 x 35cm so that it can perfectly fit around any corner shaped shower.

Complimenting colours

A staple colour like light grey or charcoal is a great choice for a shower mat, as it is certain to compliment any bathroom colour schemes and not look out of place.

As we have mentioned before, chopping and changing your soft furnishing in the bathroom can give a whole new look and feel without the need to spend lots of money replacing any of the fixtures or fittings.

Finish the look in your bathroom with 100% Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels for a welcoming and soft feel.

A Mustard towel can add warmth into your bathroom, brightening up the decor, and adding a pop of colour.

Mustard & Grey Bathroom Decor

Another on-trend colour for summer bathroom designs is Blush. Hues of pink can brilliantly compliment a neutral toned bathroom, and it also pairs perfectly with shades of grey.

If you haven’t got the budget or the time for a complete bathroom renovation, new and colourful bathroom accessories can provide instant freshness to your bathroom.

Get the seamless look

If you’re in need of a new bath mat to fit around a shower unit, consider a shaped mat to seamlessly fit into your bathroom space, and provide comfort and warmth beneath the feet as you step out of the shower.

To shop our new collection of corned and curved shower mats and add one to your own home, click here.

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