5 ways to use your new throw blanket

5 ways to use your new throw blanket

Beauty, softness and comfort. All words that we associate with a blanket.

However, there is one other word that we should be associating with throw blankets: versatile.

Whether that's to add warmth on a chilly evening, giving a room a whole new look, or adding different textures to your living space, there's plenty of uses for a throw in your home.

In this blog, we'll take a look at the different ways you can use a new throw or blanket in your home, as well as what products we have to offer and how they can be best used.

Give your living room some life

One of the quickest and easiest ways of giving your living room a completely new look would be by adding a patterned throw as a statement piece.

Simply drape your new throw over the corner of a sofa or chair and your living room will feel revitalised.

Audley Chevron Throw - Four colours: Mustard, Light Grey, Beige, Charcoal

Even in the warmer summer months, when you maybe won't need it for the added warmth, the pop of colour that a new throw can bring will make a welcome addition to your living space.

Consider throws with contrasting colours so that they really stand out, much like our Audley Chevron Throw.

Available in four different colours and two sizes, this herringbone throw blanket is expertly hand-woven in India.

Made with 100% cotton for long-lasting comfort and durability, these throws feature contrasting colours to highlight the chevron design and make it pop out in your home.

Perfect for pets too!

Perhaps you have a favourite spot which your furry friend loves to rest.

If so, why not style a throw like the Audley Chevron Throw, in their best-loved spot to provide that extra touch of comfort to help them rest.

Or maybe you wish to protect your sofa from a spoilt pooch which likes to nap.

Dog on a Throw Blanket

The generously sized 150 x 200cm throw will keep all paws off of the sofa and save yourself from the worry of some unsightly scratches on your furniture.

As this herringbone throw is made from 100% cotton it will be gentle to your pets skin and provide softness, which they'll be sure to love just as much as we do.

Add some texture to your sleep space

Throws aren't just for the living room, they can also make a welcome addition to the bedroom too.

You can still have your duvet or comforter on your bed, but adding a throw blanket to the bed can give the room a new dynamic.

There are many ways to style your blanket, either fold in half or in thirds lengthwise and drape subtly over the end of your bed, headboard or baseboard.

Hotel Sedona Waffle Throw in White - 100% Cotton

Or simply just toss the throw over the corner of the bed to give it a more natural feel.

Make sure that your new throw complements the rest of your bedding, otherwise it may look slightly out of place.

Our Hotel Sedona Waffle Throw will allow you to incorporate additional texture to your sleep space.

Available in four cool colours, this throw will impart a calming feel to any bedroom interior, whilst its versatile design makes the ideal foundation for any number of bedding design and is perfect for adding a modern look. 

The deep waffle weave ensures the blanket is very soft, retains warmth and provides just adequate insulation depending on body and atmospheric temperature.

Create a complete, coordinated look and put together with our Waffle Cushion Covers that are irresistibly soft.

Simply insert your cushions or pillows inside these pure cotton cases with the waffle pattern sure to enhance the look of any bedroom décor.

Why not use in the summer as a picnic blanket?

Making a visit to the park or the beach? Take your throw from the couch to the great outdoors, as our Check Herringbone Throw doubles up perfectly as a picnic blanket.

With so many different colors, warm hues of oranges, greens and blues, make this check throw an eye-catching statement and gives it a real Summer feel.

Crafted in 100% cotton, this hand-loomed herringbone throw is certain to provide a comfy and soft seat wherever you lay your blanket.

Better still, this throw is easy care and machine washable, meaning should any spills or accidents happen, it can simply be machine washed to bring it back to its beautiful appearance.

Pick from two generous sizes, measuring 125 x 150cm and 150 x 200cm.

Check Herringbone Throw in the Garden

For those with a bigger family, choose the larger, more generously sized check throw blanket, providing that extra bit of floor coverage for your family picnic.

This throw also looks great in the garden, giving some colour and brightness to your outdoor space.

Adding a touch of warmth to your garden furniture

If you fear styling a throw into your décor and you don't want it to clash with your colour scheme, consider one with a neutral design.

Our Nina Textured Throw is a great option to add a cosy touch, inside and outside of your home.

This off-white throw is lined with beautifully crafted, contrasting pom pom accents and finished with chunky tassels, certain to make a stunningly subtle statement to your garden chair.

Nina Textured Bobbled Throw

Keeping a throw at easy reach of your garden seating area is ideal for when the temperatures slowly drop in the summer evenings.

Draped across your shoulders, this lightweight throw will have you snuggling up, under the sunset, from the comfort of your home.

Style your textured throw with a tidy fold on a chair, or instead keep a bunch of throws rolled up in a decorative basket, for the whole family to reach too.

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