Towel care facts, myths and tips

Towel care facts, myths and tips

Stepping out of a hot bath and wrapping up in a beautifully soft, and cosy towel is a must, even more so now that the colder days and nights are coming in.

However several factors, such as over washing, friction and hard water can have an impact on our fluffy towels and make them become uncomfortable to use.

Taking a little extra care when looking after your towels will keep them softer for longer, providing a long lasting, luxury feel.

We will cover a handful of common misconceptions, myths as well as providing you with the facts, to help care for your towels and ensure their longevity.

Don’t overload

When washing your towels, be mindful of the amount you put in the washing machine at one time.

Plenty of room is required in the drum, to allow the towels to breathe and fluff up their pile.

How much should I put in my washing machine?

It has been estimated that the typical washing machine can wash 7 bath towels at a single time, and we wouldn't recommend adding any more to the wash cycle.

Also, always remember to wash similar colours and designed towels together to prevent any colour transfer taking place during the wash.

Listen to your towels

As easy as it may be to throw your towels into any kind of wash. This is often a killer for your towels quality and is often overlooked.

Paying attention to your towels care label is important, to help preserve the towels brand new, super soft feeling.

Understanding the laundry symbols will provide peace of mind that you’re washing your towels right.

Leopard Zebra Towel Care Label

Always make sure that you check the care label for the water temperature that is suggested for the wash cycle.

It is generally recommended that you wash your towels at 40 degrees. But if you wanted to make sure you remove bacteria and kill germs more effectively, higher temperatures such as a warmer 60 degree wash maybe suitable.

Every towel is unique

It may not even cross your mind that your towels need to be looked after in different ways. Learn to be understanding of what your towels need.

Materials, colours and thickness can all have an on impact this.

For example, take our bamboo cotton bath towels. These differ to traditional cotton towels due to the bamboo fibres used in the material.

 Bamboo Towels

Properties of bamboo include being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic. Because of this, bamboo towels won’t require a wash after a few uses, due to a strong odour.

This smell factor is eliminated, and instead these towels stay fresher and cleaner for longer and won't need to be washed as frequently.

Better still, these properties make bamboo cotton a perfect fit for those with sensitive skin.

Too much laundry detergent

One of the common myths when you wash your towels is that you must always use fabric softener and laundry detergents.

Laundry Detergent

Although you may not think you’re doing the right thing by adding a generous amount of laundry detergent, excessive amounts can actually result in your towels becoming stiff and scratchy, a feel that no one wants.

The reason for this? As your towels are spinning, the vast amount of detergent is unable to be rinsed off fully

This causes the laundry detergent to soak into the towels fabric and create a stiff feeling.

The opposite of fabric softener

The self-named product, fabric softener, isn’t always as it seems.

In fact, it can end up producing the opposite result if it is not used effectively.

After many washes, your towels can build up a coating of product which impacts the towels feel, and functionality.

Reduced absorbency will occur, and your towels may also begin to feel a little rough to the touch meaning that they may not last as long as you want..

Shaking your towels

Something as simple as shaking your towels can play quite a large role in keeping them feeling fluffy.

The first shake should happen just before placing your towels in the washing machine. This will help to open up the fibres, to ensure they’re cleaned thoroughly.

Line Dry Towels

The second shake should happen before you hang your towels to line dry. Doing this will encourage the towels deep pile to fluff up to its maximum potential, to help provide the plush feeling.

If you have one, tumble drying can also be effective at fluffing up your towels in a quick and timely manner. The tumble dryer can kill bacteria too.

Why are my towels scratchy?

As previously mentioned, over use of washing detergent can have negative impact your towels quality.

So be aware that less is more, and will go a long way to preserve your towels fluffy pile.

Hard water is something else to consider as a threat to your towels.

Running Tap Water

This means that the water in an area contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which can give you a tough time when washing clothes and towels.

It may be smart to invest in a water softener to eliminate this worry.

Or instead, there are many wives tales which suggest using 1 cup of white vinegar in your wash can help soften your towels.

Take the time to care

Next time you wish to invest in a new set of towels for your bathroom, make sure you’re following these tips.

A small but simple change such as shaking your towels could make a big difference in keeping your towels brand new, shower-soft feeling.

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