Allure Bath Fashions - our newest products!

Allure Bath Fashions - our newest products!

We're constantly updating our range of products to try and keep up with current design trends and consumer needs.

This can of course change depending on the time of the year, or if you're looking to give your home or bathroom an upgrade.

We want to give you choice. That's why we are taking a look at some of the newest products to our collection and explaining why they might be the right fit for you.

Shaggy Rugs to comfort your feet

During the winter months, the shock of cold tiles on your feet can be particularly harsh.

That's why investing in one of our large area rugs may be the perfect option for you; with their incredibly soft and 3cm deep pile shaggy fibres, sink your feet into them for supreme comfort and warmth.

Shaggy Area Rug in Grey

Measuring a generous 68 x 114cm (27 x 45"), these accent rugs are perfect for all around the home but will make a particularly welcome statement piece to the living room or hallway.

Uniquely dyed for a beautiful and versatile spectrum grey colour, the super soft rugs also feature a non-slip TPR backing to keep the mat securely in place with every single use, ensuring safety for the whole family.

Also available in a round 70cm size to eliminate harsh lines, this velvety soft rug can be used as a bath mat or to fill some space in your bathroom between the bathtub and sink.

Festive fun for your bathroom

On the topic of round bath mats, our newest Christmas product will make a fun festive addition to your home.

Available in two designs (Santa and Rudolph), our round Christmas Bath Mats combine warm tones of green and red, adding a traditionally Christmassy-feel ready to step out onto after a relaxing warm bath as the cold nights set in.

Rudolph Round Bath Mat

Not only can these mats be used in the bathroom, but they can also be placed in the living room or kid's bedroom as a bedside rug during the holidays.

If you want to go the extra mile and complete the look, be sure to add our pair of Christmas Towels to your home, containing a hand towel and a guest towel.

Too early to be dreaming about summer?

As the weather gets colder, its easy to start dreaming about and looking ahead to the sunshine once again.

Or maybe you have a holiday planned to escape the grey and gloomy skies that we often experience during the colder months?

Either way, get yourself prepared with our striking nautical themed striped beach towel.

Hammam Striped Beach Towel - Light Blue & White

This Turkish Style Hammam Towel is made from the finest super soft cotton and is lined with tasseled fringes to provide a premium aesthetic.

Lightweight and absorbent, this blue and white towel makes for the perfect travel companion, whether that's for a beach trip or a relaxing day by the pool.

It is also extremely versatile, and the simple striped design can also be used to complement your bathroom decor.

Choose from a wide range of options

We are committed to giving you the broadest possible range of products to try and find something that fits your decor and meets your price point.

That's why our products are constantly evolving and our collection is being added to.

Shop the entire range now and add something to your home to make every day more meaningful.

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