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What makes our Chindi Rugs unique?

If you’re searching for a colourful, durable and more importantly eco-friendly multi-purpose mat, then look no further than our beautiful Chindi Rug.

Available in five different sizes and striking colour schemes, our Chindi Rugs are extremely versatile and can be used all around your home.

From your hallways to your living room, bathroom to bedroom, conservatory to caravan, we guarantee that we will have the perfect rug for you.

Origin of Chindi Rugs

Inspired by Indian heritage and rich tradition, our craftsmen and women weave each and every Chindi Rug with love, passion and dedicated excellence, making every piece unique.

Originally a traditional crafting technique commonly used in India, the Hindi word “Chindi” directly translates to “Rags”. 

Chindi Rug

That is why in the Western World, these mats are most commonly referred to as a Rag Rug.

This decorative rug is beautifully handmade with a range of bright and vibrant tones, giving a splash of colour and a touch of bohemian flair to any room in the house.

Each rag rug is truly unique

We use recycled fabrics, from scarfs, saris, dresses and more, to craft our rugs. For generations, these torn strips of cloth have been expertly hand-woven to create gorgeous floor mats and wall hangings. 

Using a range of bright and bold colours and different fabrics from cotton to viscose, we masterfully make the perfect rug for you. 

By deliberately stopping these unwanted fabrics from going to landfill, this rug offers an eco-friendly alternative to a standard utility mat.

These fabrics are washed and cut into strands before being roughly yet securely woven together using traditional handlooms. Hand weaving in India dates back more than 5000 years.


rag rugs uk - ethical product


India is now one of the only countries that produces textiles directly from its master weavers.

Remarkably, Indian handlooms hold 95% of the handwoven fabrics in the world and provides employment to approximately 4.4 million weaver-families. It is the second largest employer after agriculture.

As the world develops and technologies evolve and advance, it is vital that the hand-weaving and the loom process is not lost. We should all appreciate the value of expertly crafted handmade products.

Are Chindi Rugs ethically sourced?

It is our long-standing policy to ensure that purchasing related matters are always conducted in an ethical and proper manner. 

ETI Member

That's why we ensure that our Chindi Rugs are produced in a factory that has Sedex Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) approval, that ensures that sustainable business practices are employed. 

Sedex provides practical tools, services and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices. 

They can also help to better manage social and environmental performance, and protect people working in the supply chain from exploitation.

Versatile rug for the home

This rug's versatility is unmatched. If you’re searching for a bold hallway rug or colourful and fun rugs for the kids’ bedrooms, then look no further. 

It can also be used to bring together the living room, give a splash of colour to your bathroom, or act as a perfect accessory to the landing, all the while seamlessly blending in with any and every décor.

Our Chindi Rug is thick and heavyweight, providing a flat and sturdy floor coverage for every single member of your family. 

Each rug is intricately woven and tightly hemmed, meaning that you will have a long-lasting rug that will brighten up your room or inject some colour into your home for many years to come.

How to care for a Chindi Rug

We want to make sure that your rugs last a lifetime. Therefore, we would advise against machine washing your Chindi Rugs.

Light vacuuming or spot-cleaning is the best approach when caring for your Chindi Rug. When spot cleaning, use only the required amount of water needed to clean the area in need of care. 

Being hand-woven you may experience some threads coming loose after constant use. This is a normal occurrence and not a manufacturing defect. 

We would advise that you snip any loose threads with scissors, rather than pulling so that no further damage is done to the rug. 

So why not check out our Chindi Rugs for yourselves? Remember, you will receive a multi coloured rug but colours may vary slightly from the listing photograph due the uniqueness of every individual item.

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