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How heavy should a weighted blanket be?


If you are one of those who would love to improve your sleep, or if you're simply looking for a sleeping companion to help you drift off quickly when you get into bed, then look no further than our Slumber Weighted Blanket.

The Allure Slumber Weighted Blanket is a heavy blanket which is available in six different weights and three sizes.

It is packed with thousands of tiny, hypo-allergenic glass beads, which is what gives this blanket its heaviness. 

A common question that we receive is how heavy should a weighted blanket be? The answer to this question depends entirely on the person using the blanket.

As a general rule of thumb, we would recommend that our blanket be approximately 10% of the user's body weight. This is where the blanket will be most effective. 

It is important to note that our weighted blankets are not suitable for newborn babies or toddlers for health and safety reasons as the blanket will be too heavy for them to move. 

Take a look at our size guide below which will help you pick the perfect blanket for you or a member of your family:

Slumber Weighted Blanket Weight Recommended Body Weight
3.2kg / 7.1lbs 27-37kg / 60-82lbs
4kg / 8.8lbs 35-45kg / 77-99lbs
5.5kg / 12.1lbs 45-60kg / 99-132lbs
6.8kg / 15lbs 60-75kg / 132-165lbs
7kg / 15.4lbs 60-80kg / 132-176lbs
9kg / 19.8lbs 80-100kg+ / 176-220lbs+

Our blankets come in three different sizes to guarantee the perfect fit for your home. 

The 3.2kg blanket for children measures 104 x 150cm (40 x 60" approx) making it ideal to fit onto their bed without being too big.

Meanwhile our 4kg, 7kg and 9kg blankets are available in the 152 x 203cm size (60 x 80" approx) whilst you can purchase our 4kg, 5.5kg and 6.8kg weighted blankets in a slightly smaller 122 x 185cm (48 x 72" approx) size.

If you are still unsure which blanket to choose, or would like any further advice, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can help.

weighted blanket weight - how heavy?

So, how does a weighted blanket work and why are they becoming ever more popular?

The science behind using a weighted blanket is simple - something called deep touch pressure (DTP). This is where you gently apply pressure to the body to aid with the release of serotonin. 

Serotonin is sometimes called the happy chemical, because its release is linked and contributes to happiness, well-being and relaxation. 

Our Slumber Weighted Blanket is packed with tiny, hypo-allergenic, environmentally friendly glass beads measuring just 0.9-1.1mm in diameter. They are non-toxic and avoid the odour which plastic beads can sometimes initially give off.

The resulting delicate yet firm pressure reaches the deep-seated receptors and helps with the release of serotonin and endorphins, chemicals that our body naturally produces to make us feel calm and relaxed.

This all makes the Slumber Weighted Blanket the perfect sleeping companion for people suffering with insomnia or for people with sensory integration and psychomotor disorders such as autism and ADHD. 

It is also ideal if you are simply looking to improve the quality of your sleep, or to use on the sofa if you want to relax after a tough day at work.

There is also a misconception that using a weighted blanket in the summer months will leave you feeling too hot and sticky. However, heavy doesn't necessarily mean hot.

Our Slumber Weighted Blankets are filled with tiny glass beads that do not hold or attract heat.

It is also covered in a microfibre fabric which is extremely breathable, helping to regulate temperature and keep the sleeper comfortable with every single use.

woman sleeping with a weighted blanket

Do I get enough sleep? This is an important question and one that we should all be asking ourselves on a regular basis. 

Scientific research has clearly shown that a good night of sleep is essential no matter your age - it powers the mind, energizes us and sets us in good stead for the day ahead.

But do you know how much sleep you should be getting? Here is the answer...

Of course, the amount of sleep that you need varies dramatically depending on your age.

But the National Sleep Foundation recommends that an adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night in order to function at their best.

However many women aged over 60 recognise that the quality of their sleep has been reduced,  and they are trying more ways to try and fix this, so they can sleep better and get the rest their bodies need. 

Newborns, infants, toddlers, preschool and school age children all require more sleep than adults in order to aid their growth and development.


How Much Sleep Should You Be Getting?

If you are someone who doesn't think that you are getting enough sleep then don't worry, because you are certainly not alone. 

According to a survey carried out in 2018, the average adult living in the UK sleeps for between 5.78 and 6.83 hours per night, falling comfortably short of the National Sleep Foundation guidelines. 

And in another study that took place in 2017, over a quarter (26%) said that improving their quality and quantity of sleep was their biggest health ambition. Despite this, more than half (51%) were not taking any measures to help with their goal.

There are a number of reasons that it is important for us all to get a good night of sleep and a weighted blanket can help with achieving this.

Getting plenty of sleep gives your mind and opportunity to unwind and de-stress, allowing your emotional well being to be restored. This can improve both your mood around the home and your productivity at work.

A lack of sleep will also increase your chances of suffering from long-term mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Sleep is responsible for giving you energy you need for your day and boosts your immune system, helping you to recover quicker from illness. While you are asleep, your body works to build and repair itself by making new tissue. 

A study has also shown that you are 30% more likely to be obese if you do not get enough good quality sleep.

It is believed that this is due to the fact that people who are not feeling energized after sleeping will turn to other sources for energy such as sugar-rich food and drink in order to compensate.

So what have you got to lose? Why not give our Slumber Weighted Blanket a try just like Sharlee and see the benefits for yourself.

Check out what she had to say after she used a Slumber Weighted Blanket in her own home:

You can also read more about the benefits of using a Weighted Blanket in our Blog.


Allure Bath Fashions
Allure Bath Fashions

Hi Selina,

Yes we’d recommend approximately 10% of the user’s body weight. Given the person using this blanket is a child, we’d recommend the 7kg blanket based on what you have told us.

We hope this helps.

The ABF Team


Hi my son is 12 and is a big tall of and weighs 83kg- it states 10 per cent so 15lbs – is this too heavy it seems like a lot !

Many thanks


Allure Bath Fashions
Allure Bath Fashions

Hi Sue,

For a two and a half year old, we wouldn’t recommend the use of a weighted blanket for safety reasons. Our smallest blanket, 3.2kg, would be suitable children once they reach approximately 30kg, so around 8-10 years old.

The ABF Team

Sue Tremaine
Sue Tremaine

I would like to ask what weight should i buy for my grandaughter she is 2 1/2 years old she has seizures is it ok to use and also my daughter who finds it hard to sleep and has bad anxiety many thanks sue tremaine

Allure Bath Fashions
Allure Bath Fashions

Hi Charongeet,

We would recommend either 7kg blanket for the person you have in mind. This comes in the largest size of 152 × 203cm.

We hope this helps.

The ABF Team

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