bath sheets vs bath towels

What's the difference between a bath towel and bath sheet?

Towels come in all sizes, colours and designs.

Here at Allure Bath Fashions, we have a broad and beautiful range to guarantee the perfect fit for your bathroom interior.

We also offer four different size of towel: face cloths, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets. This is to ensure that we have the ideal option for all of your home and bathroom needs.

One of the most common questions that we receive is "what is the difference between a bath towel and bath sheet?". Here in this blog, we are going to try and answer just that question.

Size matters

Bath Towel vs Bath Sheet. What's the big difference? The answer is actually very simple: bath sheets are larger in size than bath towels. That is the only noticeable difference!

Depending on the manufacturer and the collection of towel, exact dimensions can vary slightly. 

Bathroom Towels Sizes Guide

Generally, all of our bath towels measure approximately 70 x 125cm (28" x 50").

If you are unsure, you can always double check the size of the specific towel that is taking your fancy by checking under specifications on each individual product page. Or alternatively, you can always ask us here and we can help.

On the other hand, our bath sheets usually come in at 90 x 150cm (35" x 60"), so you can see instantly the difference in size. 

But what do we need to consider before choosing between a bath towel or a bath sheet? There are a number of factors that we all might need to consider...

A towel to meet your needs

We all know that both bath towels and bath sheets are primarily used to dry the body when it is wet.

Bath towels tend to be the perfect size for wrapping up the children in after a relaxing bath or a hot shower.

However, it is possible that a bath towel may be a little small for wrapping right round the body of an adult once they step out of a bath or shower.

So, if you are looking for a towel to cover yourself completely and indulge in a feeling of luxury and comfort, a larger bath sheet may be the way for you to go. 

A bath sheet is also ideal for wrapping yourself in as you do you hair or make-up, preparing yourself for a night out.

If you have longer hair, we all know that a quick and easy way to dry our hair is to wrap in a towel after a wash.

Hair Towel Wrap

The bath towel may be the perfect option for this. This is because it is not too large to twist around your hair, but at the same time, large enough to cover the area and absorb all of the moisture.

A bath sheet has a multitude of uses. Of course it can used in the traditional sense, in the home and bathroom, but its generous size offers other alternatives.

You could always take it with you to the gym to dry off after a tough work out, or to use on a sun lounger whilst sitting poolside. The opportunities are endless!

However, if you are on the look out for a pleasing bathroom aesthetic and want to hang your towels on a rack of some kind, the bath towel is probably your best option.

Usually towel racks are created with this size of towel in mind, and by choosing this size of towel, you'll create a beautiful look for your bathroom.

Another option is that you can always hang your bath sheets from hooks on the back of your bathroom door. That way, the towel can hang freely and you can show off in all its glory the large bath sheet that you use every time you dry off after a wash.

Absorption is key

We know that one of the most fundamental roles of a towel is its power to absorb moisture.

That is why at Allure Bath Fashions, we only use the finest materials during the production of our towels and trusted factories too, not only guaranteeing absorbency but also softness and long-lasting durability. 

Towels Absorbency

In terms of absorbency potential, a bath sheet has more than a bath towel.

The secret of drying is found in how water behaves. Put simply, it likes to flow from where there is lots of water to where there is little water. If there is a wet surface and a dry one, the water will always try to move towards the dry one.

That is the basic explanation of how water moves from your body to a towel.

Think of a towel and the way that it is made, and you see lots of individual fibres within. This is important, as each fibre has its own surface area for water to be attracted to. The more fibres there are, the more surface area there is to attract water.

That is why a bath sheet can absorb more water, simply because it is larger in size than a bath towel.

How many towels do you need?

Everyone and every household is different.

We would suggest having a minimum of two bath sheets per adult per household and two bath towels per child per household.

That way, you can rotate the towels whilst the other one is in the wash meaning you'll never have to worry about whether a dry towel will be available to grab.

You could also mix and match between plain and patterned towels to add a bit of fun to your bathroom interior.

In these challenging times, and as we continue to adapt to living with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you many want some additional towels in your home too.

Making sure there is always a clean, dry towel available to dry your hands is vital after washing them. What would be even safer is to have your own designated hand towel to use, that way there is no chance of passing it on through towel sharing.

You can even provide separate wash cloths and towels for guests while they are with you, washing them immediately after. This way you can also minimise the risk.

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