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How Towels Work - Why Super Soft means Super Dry

After a relaxing bath or hot shower, there is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a beautiful super soft bath towel or bath sheet.

But aside from feeling great on your skin, have you ever wondered how a towel dries you so quickly and thoroughly?

Well wonder no more, here's how a simple towel works to dry you off so quickly.

It is all about the flow

The secret of drying is found in how water behaves.

Put simply, it likes to flow from where there is lots of it to where there is little. That is, if there is a wet surface and a dry one, the water will always try to move towards the dry one.

That is the basic explanation of how water moves from your body to a towel, however there is of course more to it.

Think of a towel and the way that it is made, and you see lots of individual fibres within.

A close up of Bamboo Towel loops

This is important, as each fibre has its own surface area for water to be attracted to. The more fibres there are, the more surface area there is to attract water.

A towels thickness is important too

But just having more fibres is not all that matters when thinking about drying power. A thicker towel has fibres that are longer, that is after all what creates the thickness.

But by being longer, they also have greater surface area to attract and hold water. In other words, the thicker the towel, the more water it can draw away from you. That's why thick towels often carry a slightly large price tag.

This is why our Hotel Premium Towels have such high absorbency potential. Weighing in at 800gsm, these towels are one of the plushest and thickest you will find.

Hotel Premium Heavyweight Towels in Smoke Grey


This luxury weight towel will be denser, heavier and more absorbent, making it one of our most loved products. Not only do they promise all the absorbency you could ever wish for, these towels also feature dual stitching detail for long-term durability. 

This collection is also available in hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets, as well as a coordinating heavyweight bath mat, so you can give your bathroom a complete refresh with these premium products.

However, while drying performance is important, there is more to a towel, and the good news is that a super soft bath towel has more to offer too.

Thicker, fluffy towels last longer

The other benefit for thicker towels is that because they include more fibres, they are stronger than towels with less fibres, and stand up to heavy use much better.

There are limits though, after all, if thickness were all that mattered, we would all be using huge towels and be dry in an instant!

The reality is that while thick towels dry better and last longer, as well as feeling great against the skin, there is a balancing act.

Too thick and the towel becomes too absorbent, making the towel almost impossible to dry out.

The heavier towel, the longer it will take dry. That makes our Zero Twist Egyptian Cotton Towels the perfect alternative.

Zero Twist Loops - An Explanation

Whilst not offering the superb thickness of our Hotel Premium Towels, our Zero Twist Towels have a fluffier, softer feel.

The zero twist technology also ensures these towels remain soft wash after wash and dry within minutes, not hours. That makes these some of the best bath towels you will find!

Do not worry though, our range of towels include carefully tested, luxurious towels for your bathroom that offer great drying and easy care qualities.

With super soft fibres that feel great to the touch, they will give you the best drying experience too.

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