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Transform any room with a throw

You spend a lot of time getting just the right look and feel for your home décor so that it reflects your ideas and tastes.

That is important at any time but in recent months, when we have all spent more time than ever at home, getting that feel right has meant so much more.

However, no matter how carefully you plan, sometimes you just need a change. But do you really want to go to the time and expense of redoing a room?
This is an especially difficult problem in a room you really love, and one that you may want to go back to after a while.

The good news is that by using a beautiful, luxury throw, you can change the look and feel of any room with ease. A throw can add texture, even change the shape of the furniture in a room, and you can use that to your advantage and make a real difference.

Consider a textured throw

Modern trends for natural finishes often mean wooden floors, painted walls and minimal accessories. That’s great, and you can enjoy some stunning looks from it, but that leaves little room for texture.

When it’s time for a change, add a soft throw to the room and you introduce a completely new texture into the mix. Not only does this provide a pleasing contrast with the current décor, it softens the feel of the space without changing much more.

Our Hotel Waffle Throw offers the opportunity to incorporate additional texture to your living space. This waffle knit bedspread features a deep waffle weave, ensuring a beautifully soft addition to your home. 

Hotel Luxury Waffle Throw Blanket
Available in a range of stylish colours (White, Taupe, Khaki, Charcoal, and Light Grey) this waffle throw is certain to compliment any style of decor. And, if you're looking for a co-ordinated and seamless finish in your bedroom, add further texture by introducing our colour-matched Waffle Cushion Covers, available in two different sizes.

A cost-effective way to add something different to a room, throws are the answer when you are looking for something different from your current home furnishing.

A bright splash of colour

Introducing a stunning throw to any room can bring it life or completely change the look by adding that missing splash of colour you are looking for. Pair stylish colours with a striking design, this patterned throw will introduce a bright statement into your home decor.

Colourful check throw plaid herringbone decorative style blanket

A Check Throw is a classic and versatile piece that can take you through the seasons. Beautifully soft and brilliantly cosy, this extra layer will add depth to your decor whilst also providing warmth in the colder seasons.

Finished with decorative tassels for the final touch of flair, the check throw will sit stylishly, draped over your sofa, when your not snuggled up.

Timeless patterned throw

If you're looking for a throw that won't ever go out of style, the Audley Herringbone Throw is an absolute staple for the home. 

Whether you're looking for an extra layer on your bed or something cosy to keep close to hand in the living room whilst you're comfy in front of the telly, this chevron patterned throw is a great choice.


Audley Chevron Herringbone Throw Blanket


Made from 100% recycled cotton, this herringbone style throw will offer long-lasting quality through every use.

If you're looking for a subtle hint of trendy colour, opt for a mustard chevron colourway, or if you're looking for a monochrome addition in your home, consider a light or dark grey to compliment your decor.

Change your furniture

There’s no getting around it, you choose your sofa, table and chairs carefully, because they are an important part of the room, and because they are expensive. Few of us can chop and change sofas at will, so what can you do if you want to change the look of your sitting area?

Think about adding throws, not only does that add a different texture or colour, but they can even help with the profile of the furniture.

Not just for your sofa either, they can do the same to chairs, tables, beds and any other surface or space you may wish to change. In this way, you can change the look of your space without needing to invest in new furniture.

Giving a different look, feel and even colour can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the room. With a throw, some imagination and experimentation, you really can change your home décor any time you want.

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