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Colour Trends for your home

Your home décor is a reflection of your personality and tastes, but it can also be influenced by current trends as they tend to dominate what is available to buy.

Colours are more than just a cohesive look for your room though, simply changing a colour scheme can make any room feel completely different without the need to completely renovate.

This year has been strange and challenging for many reasons, however the new colour trends are here and ready to give you a lift.

The bathroom trends that lift the mood

There is no getting around it, the first half of 2020 has been unlike any in our lifetimes. It is perhaps not surprising then that current trends favour bold, bright colours for your home.

Bathroom accessories, whether towels, bath mats and more, use colour bravely, from vivid shades such as the 2020 colour of the year, classic blue, as well as red, yellow and green to deep purples and beautifully bright pinks and violets.

Not only do they look great in isolation, but enhance any bathroom, often providing a glorious contrast between the décor and the bathroom towels or other accessories.

Whether you are using colour for your bath towels or have a towel bale of a bright colour, they instantly change the feel of your room.

When you see such bold colouring, you cannot help but feel uplifted. It brings a brightness to any bathroom that makes it feel warmer and more welcoming too, perfect for rooms that lack adequate natural lighting.

Follow the trend?

Of course, not everyone will want to follow trends, in fact some may not suit your bathroom.

Bright pinks and greens have a dramatic effect but may not be a good fit for you. But that does not mean you should completely ignore them. After all, great home décor is all about adapting things to your own tastes.

Instead of pink, a bright red or blue offers a subtler option that stays on trend, giving you the enjoyment of that bold effect without being over-the-top. The key is to take inspiration from trends, and then find a way to bring that into your home in your own way.

There is no doubt that bathroom towels and accessories can brighten the room and lift the mood, essential for us all particularly in these challenging times. The great thing is, with trends directing the industry this way, you have a broad choice of colours to choose from with us, and you will be able to find something that reflects the trend but meets your own tastes too.

Whether you decide to be bold or a little more reserved, colour can transform your bathroom, so enjoy the wide choice on offer with us and make it your own.

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