How it's made: California Bath Mat

How it's made: California Bath Mat

Welcome to our new blog at Allure Bath Fashions!

In our first blog post, we are going to show you how one of our most popular products is created. 

Our lavishly soft California Stripe Bath Mats are trusted on a regular basis to give any bathroom interior a lift.

The gorgeous striped pattern, with its pom pom effect surface, is a dynamic way to give any bathroom an instant style update.

Expertly crafted using only the finest materials, our California Stripe Bath Mats soak up water splashes instantly, saving you and your family from a potentially dangerous, slippery floor.

But how is it made?

The simple answer is one of India's most ancient traditions: hand weaving. 

These bath mats are ethically produced in one of our trusted, audited factories where all workers are treated fairly and paid at least the minimum wage. 

Inspired by Indian heritage and rich tradition, our craftsmen and women weave each piece with love, passion and dedicated excellence.

Hand weaving in India dates back more than 5000 years. It is now one of the only countries that produces textiles directly from its master weavers. Remarkably, Indian handlooms hold 95% of the handwoven fabrics in the world!

Handloom production is environmentally friendly and a source of employment: textiles is the biggest employer in India aside from agriculture and although the share of handloom production is only 11%, it provides employment to approximately 4.4 million weaver-families. 

As the world develops and technologies advance, it is vital that the hand-weaving and loom process is not lost and we should all appreciate the value of expertly crafted handmade products.

And as our creations evolve over time, our aim remains to create an experience of discovery and surprise. We pride ourselves in transforming everyday moments into extraordinary occasions.

Check out the video below which shows one of our mats being created.

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