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A look at our luxury bath mats

We all want to step out onto luxury after a relaxing bath or hot shower.

But a "luxury" bath mat can differ depending on who you ask - some may prefer the aesthetic, others how the bath mat feels or the materials used to construct it. 

In this blog, we are going to take a look at a selection of our large range of bath mats, and explain how these bath mats are luxurious in their own way.

Deep pile indulgence

Our Hotel Collection Bath Mats allow you to indulge in five-star hotel quality luxury from the comfort of your own home.

These mats are crafted using 100% combed cotton in a woven construction, giving them superior comfort and incredible durability. 

Just to show how proud of these mats we are, they come with a satisfaction guarantee.

We ensure that these mats will go through 250 machine washes before any noticeable signs of wear and tear due to their unique, hospitality construction. 

Hotel Deep Pile Bath Mat

The use of combed cotton ensures that these mats are not only durable, but extra soft too producing a real treat for the feet. 

Combed cotton is softer than regular cotton because it is more pure and the shorter and protruding threads are removed during the combing process.

The shortest threads that are also much more prone to breaking down, which is why removing them leads to the increase in these mats' durability. 

If all that wasn't enough, since the beginning of this year we have now introduced an anti-viral and anti-bacterial finish to our Hotel Collection Bath Mats.

This means that these mats have the capability to resist every day staining and bacterial build up, keeping them cleaner and fresher for even longer. 

Bamboo brilliance

Traditional cotton bath mats have long dominated the market, but consumers are beginning to enjoy and even seek out other combinations that are on offer. 

Our Marlborough Bath Mats offer a delicious deep pile of blended cotton and bamboo, giving these mats a superior softness and underfoot comfort.

The luxurious blend of bamboo and cotton fibres will last wash-after-wash. Because of the age of the bamboo shoots the fibres are extracted from, they make an extremely durable base material.

Marlborough Bamboo Bath Mat

Bamboo also naturally contains anti-bacterial, odour resistant and hypo-allergenic properties, making this ideal option for those with sensitive skin. 

Not only that, but the gorgeous blend of the natural cotton and bamboo fibres makes for an extraordinarily absorbent combination (3-4 times absorbent than 100% cotton bath mats).

These mats have a slip-resistant spray latex backing to keep the mat firmly in place. We always keep your safety in mind, which is why we only sell non-slip mats.

Co-ordinate with our colour-matched Marlborough Bamboo Towels to give your bathroom the complete look.

The use of bamboo is even a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Learn more about the benefits of using bamboo fibres by checking out our blog.

Contemporary elegance

Bring the luxuries of a spa experience to your home with our lavishly soft Spa Reversible Bath Mat.

These mats are constructed using ring-spun cotton and in a heavyweight 2200gsm structure to guarantee long-lasting performance and making it one of the heaviest bath mats you will find.

Spa Reversible Large Bath Mat

The heaviness of these mats ensures they remain securely in place, and do not need a non-slip backing. This allows them to be reversed endless times to give the perfect aesthetic for your bathroom. 

Measuring a generous 60 x 90cm size, larger than a standard bath mat, these mats offer even more floor coverage, meaning you won't have to suffer the shock of cold tiles on your feet ever again. 

Something for everyone

We have a wide range of bath mats on offer, whether you're looking for something plain or patterned, so we are sure to have something to suit your taste and decor.

All of our mats are easy care, machine washable and quick-drying to keep things nice and easy for you.

Why not give your bathroom an instant update now simply by adding a brand new bath mat.

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