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Re-modelling your bathroom for 2021

A new year brings a desire for new beginnings, fresh starts and new outlooks.

That might be in how you choose to live your life, spend your leisure time or look after your health.

It might be that you want to bring a fresh feel to your home, with a spot of refurbishing and re-modelling.

If that applies to you, then the bathroom is a great place to freshen up your home. A new bathroom can add value. Indeed, Self Build believes a £5,000 outlay could be worth triple in terms of your home’s value.

A new year also brings new trends, and one of the key ideas for 2021 is going to be outdoors, indoors.

That may be a result of the world we have lived in for the last 12 months or so, but Elle Décor certainly feature fauna and the outdoors in their guides to this year’s bathroom trends.

With that in mind, here are some hot tips for getting your on-trend bathroom right, for now, and beyond.

Light it Up

One key aspect of an indoors space feeling like the outdoors is light.

Light helps create a bright and breezy space, and if your new bathroom is going to be on trend this year, then you must play with light.

Bathroom Lighting and Tiles

Even if the natural light into the room is limited, there are still tricks you can apply. Use light materials, such as white tiles, on the wall and floor to help accentuate the feel of brightness.

Whilst materials from outdoors are often darker (bricks, wood, copper etc.), the general feel of outdoors can still be created using light products and then being clever with your accessories.

Natural Elements

Whilst bringing the outdoors into your home might seem like a concept, by taking it literally you can further enhance the aesthetic and inspiration behind your new bathroom choice.

That might be within the accessories you choose to use, such as towels, something we explored in our article Bamboo Towels: What Are the Benefits? 

Allure Marlborough Cotton Bamboo Towels

You could also think about houseplants as a key part of any bathroom redesign, literally bringing a taste of the outdoors into the room.

Remember, whilst you may have gone bright and breezy with the colour scheme, you may also want to have those natural materials featuring heavily, so consider wood over most metals and if possible, even re-purpose old outdoor items, such as ladders or pallets, into shelving or even vanity units.

Furniture Choices

Whilst the furniture you choose will go some way to achieving your outdoors look, the actual bathroom fittings are important as well.

You can remodel your bathroom without changing your existing bath, basin and pan, but if you want a truly fresh start then these must go too.

When thinking about newer ones, copper is a great material for creating an outdoors feel.

A copper-coloured bath might not be the cheapest option, but it would certainly be effective, and even copper taps on your basin will help achieve that natural outdoor look you are craving.

Post-Install Care

If you do choose to replace your bath and taps, which we are sure you will if you truly intend to overhaul your bathroom, then it is worth considering what happens once the project is finished.

Would you be able to spend more money on your bathroom if there was a malfunction in the plumbing, for instance?

Chrome Bathroom Tap

If not, then it would be wise to protect your investment after the project is complete with some specific insurance.

This can cover a range of options for your plumbing and drains, both of which could cause problems within your newly refurbished room.

The plumbing insurance options on HomeServe, show how leaking pipes, blocked drains, blocked toilets and sinks, as well as leaks or blockages to your water supply pipe, are all elements that are covered, offering complete peace of mind to the homeowner.

Whilst you do want to entice the outdoors into your bathroom, if water escapes and makes that a more literal interpretation of the concept then you could be left holding a big bill.

Achieve your 2021 look

You can achieve 2021’s on-trend look with little effort or lots of effort.

Simply by bringing in a couple of houseplants, replacing towels and bath mats and brightening up the lighting, you will achieve a nice new feel.

However, if you genuinely want to embrace a new beginning, then welcome new furniture, tiles and materials into the design and embrace the outdoors indoors concept as fully as you can.

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