Why do we need different types of towels?

Why do we need different types of towels?

The various different towel types, sizes and materials can make it very tricky to decide which towels would be best for you and your needs.

The options are endless. There are hundreds of colours, prints and patterns to choose from so finding a set which will complement your decor may not be as straight forward as you think.

That's why it is worth knowing how many towels are essential per person, and which towels perform best depending on your requirements. We try to explain all in this blog...

How many towels should you have?

We would suggest that each individual in a household should have two bath sheets, two bath towels and two face cloths.

This is so that you can easily alternate these towels between washes and keep them nice and fresh.

Hand towels are also an essential in the bathroom. One towel can be used at a time, but we would recommend having a few spare towels always at the ready for when the hand towel you have been using goes in the laundry.

Frequent washing is important, to keep your towels as clean and hygienic as possible whilst also helping to retain their softness and absorbency.

Choose planet-conscious cotton towels

Organic cotton is a sustainable alternative, used to make towels that are made ethically and with the planet in mind.

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides or harmful fertilizers, reducing the negative impact to the environment.

Misona is on a mission to provide bathroom essentials which avoid all synthetic fibres and unnatural materials, doing their bit to help be kinder to the planet.


Their beautifully designed Organic Cotton Towels with super fast absorbency and soft feel, may persuade you to stick with the eco-friendly alternative for future purchases, as you can dry yourself off, knowing you're doing your little bit to help out the planet.

They also offer an Organic Cotton Bath Mat, allowing you to complete the look and give your bathroom a co-ordinated feel.

Use natural bamboo fibres

A bamboo cotton blend is another more sustainable option when you are looking at investing in some new towels for your bathroom.

Alongside bamboo being environmentally friendly, it is also superbly kind to your skin just like our Marlborough Bamboo Collection of towels.

Due to the natural fibres, these towels are 100% hypo-allergenic, making it the perfect option for those with sensitive skin.


They also offer numerous other benefits, such as being naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and odour resistant. Go the extra mile and get yourself a perfectly matching Bamboo Cotton Bath Mat.

It's 40% Bamboo, 60% Cotton blend make it 3-4 times more absorbent than regular cotton. Better still, this bath mat has non-slip spray latex backing to keep you safe from any falls.

Your bathroom is sure to appreciate the upgrade.

Sumptuously soft zero twist cotton

Traditionally, cotton fibres are twisted to create a towel's soft pile.

However, the zero twist technique does exactly how it is described. It uses extra-long, stronger cotton fibres which are then looped out from the towel, rather than twisted in short stubby twists.

This makes our Zero Twist Towels, which are crafted using beautifully soft Egyptian Cotton, stronger, more durable and impressively soft on the skin.


If you're looking to get a full new set of Egyptian Cotton Towels, consider our 10 piece towel bale. This set also makes a great house warming gift, to give any new home owners a stylish and co-ordinated bathroom.

The set includes: 4 face cloths, 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels and 2 bath sheets.

Face Cloths

Using the same bath towel on your face can be very bad if you have sensitive skin, or you are prone to breakouts.

This is why we suggest having a couple of face towels to hand, for cleansing your face or freshening up in the morning.

Wash cloths are essentially tiny towels, which do the same job as a regular towel, just a fraction of the size.

Measuring 30 x 30cm, they take up very little space in your bathroom, and are also perfect for packing away in a small carrier for an overnight stay.

We suggested washing your face cloths after a couple of uses, to prevent any nasty bacteria causing upset and blemishes on your skin.

Be sure to co-ordinate your wash cloth to your other bathroom towels for a matching look.

Hand Towels

With the purpose of drying your hands after a wash, a hand towel is a super absorbent small towel built to do just that.

Usually measuring around 50 x 90cm, a matching pair of hand towels make the perfect combination for your bathroom, and is to keep everyone's hands clean and dry.


Having quick-drying qualities is also essential so that your hand towels are ready for use for the next person. Our range of stylish Ombre Design Towels are lightweight and perfect for drying off quickly.

Bath Towels

The most commonly used towel for drying off, fresh out off a steamy shower.

Measuring at around 70 x 125cm this is a good towel size for most as you can dry yourself off with ease, before getting dressed for the day.

Whether you are looking for a bath towel with a bold animal print to add some interest into your bathroom, or instead prefer a more muted Country House Jacquard designed Towel, we offer many different towels and styles, made to fit into any bathroom décor.

Bath Sheets

A bath sheet is the largest size towel you will find for your bathroom.

You will receive more towel coverage for a quicker drying experience every time you get out of the bath.

The bath sheet measures up at roughly 90 x 150cm, making it considerably bigger than the average bath towel.

If you're on the look out for premium quality, be sure to check out our Hotel Quality Towels.  


These towels feature dual stitching detail for durability and are created using only the finest materials to guarantee softness and absorbency. 

Wrap up and go

If your mornings are a bit manic and you run around in a panic getting ready for your day ahead, consider a Towel Wrap.

Easily adjustable with a Velcro seal, this towel will remain securely in place.

Or instead, if you are on holiday, this adjustable towel makes for the perfect easy coverage. When stepping out of the pool, wrap yourself up and wander around with the peace of mind you will remain safely covered up.

Being 100% cotton, this Towel Wrap will be incredibly absorbent, whilst being super soft on the skin.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, this will ensure you will find the right towel fit for you. 

For a complete and co-ordinated look, pair your towel wrap with our colour matching hair wraps. Beautifully soft and delicate to your hair, this adjustable hair wrap is a bathroom essential for your morning routine.

Beach towel vs bath towel

Should your bath towels join you at the beach?

Although the differences may not be obvious, your bath towels should stay clear of sandy beaches, and remain purposeful for soaking up your skin after a hot bath or shower.

Where a bath towel is made to effortlessly sit in your bathroom, adding to your rooms aesthetic in between uses.

So, unlike other towels in your home, Beach Towels should be made to stand out on a busy beach, so it can catch your eyes from afar, after wandering back from the shore.

A fun pop of colour, or bold print, will be certain to make sure your towel stands out from the rest, whilst representing your personality, and being unique to you.

Softness, strength and absorbency are key when finding the perfect towel for you.


Our Cabana Beach Towel Range offers exactly this with a super soft and silky feel on one side, and a cotton terry cloth on the other, making it certain to offer excellent absorbency.

Luxury and durable Beach towels will be larger than your average sized bath towel which measures approximately 70 x 125cm, and should typically measure a very generous size of about 100 x 180cm.

The larger surface area is perfect for keeping sand off of your skin, as you lay comfortably on your super soft beach towel, soaking up the sun.

Get the full look

So, if you are looking to update your bathroom décor with a whole new collection of cotton towels, or you are just in need of a few towel replacements, consider coordinating your towels to a matching bath mat, to finish off the look.

A new matching set is certain to effortlessly transform your bathroom, without any large costs.

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