What are the best bath towels for you?

What are the best bath towels for you?

A lot goes into choosing the best everyday bath towels for your bathroom. We have to consider the size, the weight, the material, the design.

Many factors come into question when it comes to which towels would be best for you and your needs.

Maybe you're just looking for a stylish, patterned towel to make a statement in your bathroom.

Or perhaps, you admire supreme quality, with a super soft and fluffy bath towel to wrap up in after a relaxing hot soak.

From bamboo towels to zero twist bath towels... Is it worth adding these popular towels to your bathroom.

In this blog, we explain the ins and outs of the best bath towels you can find. 

Picking the right towel sizes

Here at Allure Bath Fashions, we have four different sizes of bathroom towels from face cloths to bath sheets and everything in between. Make sure to consider the size you’re looking for before making a purchase.

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a bath towel and bath sheet is?

Sizes can vary slightly between collections but our standard bath towels measure 70 x 127cm (28” x 50”). This is a popular towel for drying off after a bath, due to its generous size.

If you’re looking for a big towel to completely wrap yourself up with after a relaxing soak or a hot shower, our bath sheets are larger in size measuring 90 x 150cm (35” x 60”). Bath sheets provide that extra touch of coverage and modesty when drying off.

Looking for something smaller? Don’t worry – our wide range of hand towels measuring 50 x 90cm (20” x 35”) will make a great addition to any bathroom or ideal for use in the downstairs toilet. Self named, a hand towel size is typically used for drying hands.

We also have four pack face cloths available measuring 30 x 30cm (12” x 12”), available in an array of colours and ideal for complementing a range of bathroom interiors. 

Dimensions for Hand towel, bath towel and bath sheet and guest towel


What does weight of a towel mean?

Towels weight is measured using grams per square metre (GSM). A towel measuring between 300-400GSM is considered a lightweight towel, meaning it tends to be thinner.

This is the best bath towel for travelling or perhaps as a small towel to take in your gym bag, as they can be rolled up tightly and don't take up much space at all . Better still, lightweight towels dry quicker than heavier towels which is a great attribute if you are on the go and need to pack away your towel soon after use.

Most everyday towels are between 400-600GSM, a medium-weight towel which is perfect for everyday use at home in the bathroom.

However our Hotel Collection towels come in at 800GSM, making them one of the heaviest towels you will find.

These 100% cotton towels are extra thick and highly absorbent and they won't feel as damp as a lightweight towel when you are drying yourself off after stepping out the bath.

Hotel Charcoal Towel

Using heavyweight towels can feel like a small luxury in the bathroom, comparing similarly to the look and feel you would experience when staying at a fancy spa retreat.

Best towel material

Most towels in the market are 100% cotton, but various sustainable towel alternatives are more becoming seemingly popular due to their planet-conscious materials, which eliminate the use of harmful chemicals for growth.

If you’re on the lookout for a great towel which in sustainable and is perfect for people with sensitive skin, consider Bamboo Towels. This is one of the newer bath towel materials which is becoming increasing popular due to the vast amount of benefits.

Being hypo-allergenic, odour resistant and anti-bacterial to name a few. It isn't surprising that bamboo are considered the best bath towels for gentle skin.

You can read more about the benefits of using bamboo in our towels here.

Organic Cotton Towels are also becoming a popular alternative to standard cotton towels, due to the ethical sourcing and processing that is undergone to create beautifully soft towels. Though, typically a little more expensive, these towels guarantee a luxurious feel.

Why not try the renowned quality of Egyptian cotton towels, available in our Zero Twist Collection. The zero twist technology combined with the long, strong fibres of the Egyptian cotton ensures that our towels feel soft wash-after-wash and have absorbent, quick-drying properties. 

Combed cotton towels, like those in our stunning Sparkle Collection, come with durability guaranteed. Their fibres are combed before construction to remove any shorter threads, only leaving the strongest and longest threads to be woven into the towel.

Alternatively, you could try the ring-spun cotton of our Hotel Essentials Towel Sets. This is where long and short fibres are twisted together before construction, making for a smooth and absorbent towel.

Towels folded in matching colours and stacked on a storage cabinet


Choosing the right style towel

Towels are perfect for adding the final flourish to your bathroom, so consider choosing a matching towel bale to keep your look consistent. A set of new towels is also the most economical way of giving your bathroom a cost-effective style uplift.

We are sure to have just what you are looking for, considering we have a wide range of both plain and patterned towels. One of the most popular patterns in home decor are stripes! Adding a handful of striped towels to your bathroom will add a decorative touch, either hanging on a towel hook, or folded tidily on a towel rail.

Or if you want something more timeless and sophisticated, perhaps our Country House style towels are what you are looking for.

Expertly sculpted to create an elegant, textured finish, in a floral pattern - offering more style than standard towels.

Animal print is a great way to incorporate a wild statement into your bathroom decor.

Our collection of Leopard Print Towels are made from Turkish cotton, providing certainty that they are super soft, whilst being carefully crafted for a luxurious feel and look.

Leopard print towels

Looking to achieve a more contemporary bathroom style? Check out the geometric towels featured in our Madrid Collection.

Consider trendy coloured towels

Choosing the best bath towel colour for your bathroom is important as it can make a difference in creating the perfect atmosphere to relax and unwind.

For a stylish approach, add two or three colours to your bathroom to make a subtle statement. Popular bath towel colour combinations include mustard and grey, or blush and charcoal. Having a range of colours can also help to distinguish whose towel is whose in a family home.

Perhaps you're often inviting guests over? Greeting your guests with fresh white towels will provide them with the hotel experience right from the comfort of your own home. Consider offering a bath sheet size as a guest towel - for complete comfort.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect colour towels to match your interior, take a look at our super soft, Egyptian Cotton Towels, available in an incredible 18 colour variations and four sizes: face cloths, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets.

This collection of super absorbent zero twist towels also pair brilliantly with our broad collection of bath mats.

Next time you're refreshing your bathroom, we hope you'll feel a little more positive that you will be picking the right towel for you.

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