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Colourful bath mats for any bathroom

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During the dark and gloomy winter months, we all need something in our lives that will give us a lift. 

For some, that may be a hobby that brings them satisfaction and for others, it’s the way that they choose to style and design their home. 

Having a home with just the right feel for you has been even more important over the last year, with all of us spending more time at home than ever before. 

When it comes to bathroom design, most people's thoughts turn immediately to the fittings as a way of creating a modern and beautiful space.

However, high quality linens and textiles can add to the luxury, and their interchangeability allows you to give your bathroom a different look and feel, depending on which you choose to use. 

In this blog, we’ll talk you through how you can add a splash of colour to your bathroom, just by using one of our many bath mats.

A bath mat is used daily by the whole family and is always on display to anyone that uses your bathroom, so picking the right one for you, and for your decor, is vital. 

Bold statement piece

The past few months have been tough for many of us, which means it is not surprising that current trends favour bold, bright and uplifting colours for your home.

If your bathroom you currently have, or the one you have your sights set on, has a bright, modern look and feel, you can choose a bath mat that can be a statement piece, something that stands out and contrasts with the plain decor.

Our Merlin Striped Bath Mats, with their bright and vibrant tones, will be the perfect fit if this is what you are looking for. 

Merlin Striped Bath Mat and Bathroom Towels

Their hand-woven, chunky bobble construction produces an eye-catching aesthetic as well as a beautifully soft feel every time you step out of a relaxing bath or hot shower.

Perfect for adding bold, quirky and harmonious Mustard & Navy tones to fill your bathroom, making it the ideal statement piece.

If you wanted to go for a co-ordinated look, why not add our Merlin Stripe hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets, all made from luxurious combed cotton as well as our Merlin Stripe Pedestal Mat.

If you’re on the lookout for a multi-coloured, striking bath mat then look no further than our California Bath Mat in Multi Brights.

Comprising chunky bobbles in seven contrasting colours in a wonderfully attractive striped design, this bath mat is sure to stand out, whatever your decor.


California Bath Mat & Bathroom Towels

When you see such bold colouring that the California Bath Mat provides, you cannot help but feel uplifted.

It brings a brightness to any bathroom that makes it feel warmer and more welcoming too, perfect for rooms that has a lack of adequate natural lighting.

Preserving the character of your home

There may be some people out there who don’t feel comfortable with adding a bold and brash coloured bath mat to their home. 

This may be because they don’t feel that it will fit in or suit an older property that has more character. 

Well now you can add both a timeless touch of style and sophistication as well as a splash of colour with our Turmeric Country House Bath Mats.

Allure Country House Bath Mat Bathroom Towels

These hand-woven mats feature a traditional design in modern colours, including Navy and Dark Green.

These traditional products in stunning modern colours will give a beautiful chateau feel to your home.

Not only do these mats look great in isolation, but they are sure to enhance the look of any bathroom, often providing a glorious contrast between the decor and the bathroom towels or other accessories.

Once again, we offer the option of creating a co-ordinated look. Our Country House jacquard sculpted towels are available in a range of seven colours to guarantee the right fit for any décor. 

Ombré for days

Another one of our bath mats that will make a striking addition to any bathroom with is our Kempton Bath Mat.

Available in three bold and iconic colour schemes, our Kempton Collection features a stunning ombré design.

These bath mats, available in bright blues, greys or natural shades are guaranteed to refresh your bathroom, whatever the décor.

Kempton Ombre Bath Mat

Adding harmonious tones that will fill your bathroom, these supersoft mats also have a non-slip rubber backing to ensure your safety with every use. 

You can read more about why it is important to us that we only sell slip-resistant bath mats.

We have a wide range of both plain and patterned bath mats, all of which are ready to add some colour to your bathroom space. 

Why not check out our entire range of bathroom mats? We are sure to have something to suit your taste!

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