A guide to keeping plants in your bathroom

A guide to keeping plants in your bathroom

Plants can really transform a room; brightening the space with a touch of greenery can also create a happier and relaxing atmosphere.

Beside the aesthetics of a bathroom plant, there also comes a handful of benefits to help keep your bathroom a healthier and cleaner space.

After all, your bathroom should feel like a tranquil sanctuary where you can go to relax.

Re-homing your current plants to a different place in the house is sometimes a wise choice.

You may have a collection of plants dotted around the house that are just about living, but moving these plants into the steamy bathroom may provide them with a new lease of life.

Air purifying qualities

Perfect in smaller spaces, the popular snake plant grows upright, so won’t take up too much space.

These plants are happy and thrive in most climates but can also grow successfully with very little light.

A Potted Snake Plant on Top of a Dresser

This makes snake plants an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms which are dimly lit and for bathroom that don't have a window to allow the natural light in.

A great benefit of homing a snake plant in your bathroom is that they are able to filter the air and remove toxins.

This includes formaldehyde which can often be found in the cleaning products that we use in our bathrooms.

Plants with a purpose

Aloe Vera is one of the best bathroom plants as they favour warm, humid environments.

Widely known for being hard to kill, this may make a great choice for those who have busier lifestyles and often forget to regularly water their plants!

Aloe Vera Plant on White Pot

The Aloe Vera plant also serves as a 2 in 1. Perfect for adding life into your bathroom, but also great for our health too.

The leaves of an Aloe Vera plant can be cut and opened to reveal a natural jelly, which has been used for decades in home remedies to help with skincare.

Make your bathroom greener

A decorative plant can really transform a bathroom by adding a simple touch of colour and texture.

If you favour a more monochrome or neutral colour scheme in your bathroom, a house plant is a great idea to uplift the room and provide a small statement piece.

Depending on the size of your plants, they could really be placed anywhere. Placed in the bathroom windowsill, sitting proudly in the bathroom window, or instead on the floor.

You may fancy something more eye-catching like a hanging plant, which looks perfect draped over the edge of a bathroom shelf, to make a transformation to your bathroom wall.

Potted Hanging Plants Near White Wall

Ivy is a hanging plant which adores moisture, and acts as a great air purifier, keeping the bathroom fresh and clean.

A popular home for the ivy plant is hanging on the shower curtain rod, where it's moisture-loving leaves thrive.

Co-ordinated plants and towels

Bamboo is a great option, if you're looking for a beautiful touch of greenery.

Unlike most plants, bamboo can thrive off of just water (no soil is required) and tolerate low light. Simply place the bamboo stalks in a small vase and fill it with water and pebbles for a striking look.

Keeping this plant in a low light space will make it thrive, as any direct light from the sun can cause growth defects, which is something to be mindful of.

Just change the water every couple of days and you'll have a speedily growing bamboo plant.

If you want to style your bathroom with bamboo from the ground upwards, take a look at our bamboo bath mats and towels.

A stack of Bamboo Towels next to a potted plant

Made from the perfect blend of bamboo and cotton, these colour co-ordinating towels and mats are ultra soft, whilst boasting many beneficial properties; from being hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, making this a perfect option for those with sensitive skin.

The use of bamboo in everyday products is becoming increasingly popular due to it's sustainability and quick-growing properties.

Pet safe plants

When adding some new life in to your bathroom, it's important to be considerate of the plants safety for all of those in the house.

If you have a furry friend that enjoys roaming the house, it may be safer to opt for a pet-friendly plant.

This is due to the leaves of some plants being highly toxic if ingested, so keep these plants out of reach to young children and pets.

A favourite pet-friendly plant for the bathroom is a Boston Fern.

Fern and Succulent Plant on Black Ceramic Pot

This tropical plant is native to South America and loves humid conditions.

Placing this plant in bright light which is away from direct sunlight will leave Boston Ferns growing big and strong, with it's feather like leaves looking lusciously green.

Picking the perfect plant pot

Alongside adding a gorgeous array of green into your bathroom space, the plants can be perfectly complemented with a stylish plant pot.

Whether you'd rather go for a more subtle aesthetic or instead want to opt for a more brave and striking design, go the extra mile and colour-match your bath towels to your new plant pot, for a seamless look.

Green Plants Beside White Concrete Wall

Our collection of Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels are extra soft thanks to the zero-twist construction. This technique makes the towels feel softer and fluffier than a traditional cotton towel.

With a broad range of colours available, you'll be certain to find something to match your bathroom interior.

Make your bathroom greener

Before you make a purchase of a new bathroom plant, make sure you do a little research to make sure you a picking the best bathroom plant for you.

Just to recap, hear are the key points to bear in mind:

  • Is there a little humidity or a lot?

  • Is your bathroom bright, or does it have low light conditions?

  • Will it be in direct sunlight?

With this little checklist completed you will be able to home a new plant friend in a perfect spot to keep them happy and healthy.

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