Tips for keeping a clean and hygienic bathroom

Tips for keeping a clean and hygienic bathroom

Whilst it may not be the most appealing job to do, keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic is vital to keeping us healthy and keeping your bathroom looking its best.

We all know that the bathroom can be a breeding ground for mould build up, mildew and bacteria growth due the excess moisture and warm conditions, making it even more important that we keep your bathroom clean and do so regularly.

In this blog, we've put together some helpful hints and tips to keeping your bathroom squeaky clean, as well as some more eco-friendly alternatives to the cleaning products that many of us use regularly.

Get into the habit

Allowing yourself just a few minutes to clean the room after use can make a huge difference to how it will look a little later on when water stains are covering all of your bathroom surfaces.

It can be as easy as wiping down the shower screen with a cloth after getting out.

Cleaning the condensation and moisture off of mirrors and windows will also eliminate the risk of damp and rust. These are two things that should be avoided from the bathroom at all costs!

A Wet Mirror

To make yourself more likely to fall into this cleaning habit, make a small collection of cleaning products such as all purpose cleaner, wipes and cloths tidied away neatly close by to where you will need them, encouraging you to get into a routine of cleaning regularly.

Keeping surfaces clean & clutter free

Having your daily routine products out on display can give the appearance of a busy and unclean bathroom.

Tidying away your essentials into a small cupboard or displaying them on a stylish tray can make them look much more presentable.

If there are a handful of items and products on display it is always a good idea to do a thorough clean, to remove dust and keep your bathroom looking as spotless as possible.

Cosmetic Products on Sink

A surface wipe is must have for bathroom cleaning. They will remove stains and germs from key points in your bathroom which get the most frequent use.

For instance, wiping the sink after brushing your teeth can remove any leftover toothpaste or water marks and provide a sparkly shine or just to go over the top of your toilet seat to keep things looking fresh.

Natural alternatives

Many of us will use bleach and cleaning products during a bathroom clean.

However, there are some more environmentally friendly alternatives that we could use the keep our bathroom looking as clean as possible.

Baking soda is one possible option.

Baking Soda in Wooden Bowl

Simply sprinkle a small amount of baking soda onto a clean cloth or sponge that is slightly damp, and get scrubbing on any surface that needs a clean, whether its the bathtub, tiles or sink.

You can also mix your baking soda with white vinegar which will create carbonic acid.

This weak acid makes the vinegar more corrosive, meaning that any stains can be removed quicker and easier without the need for cleaning products.

This can help to make your toilet rust-free. Sprinkle your toilet bowl with a cup of baking soda, allow to sit for around half an hour and then use a spray bottle filled with white vinegar to squirt the toilet.

Scrub away and remove any stains in your toilet quickly and effectively.

Anti-bacterial towels

Updating your bathroom with fresh, luxury towels is an instant way to transform the space. Choosing the right towels can make all the difference towards a hygienic bathroom.

Did you know that Bamboo Towels are naturally anti-bacterial? After a few uses, a cotton towel can sometimes start to have a slight odour and will require washing.

Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels however are able to stay fresher for longer, saving you water and energy because they will require less machine washing. They also have other impressive qualities.

Hypo-allergenic properties make bamboo towels an ideal choice for those who have sensitive skin. The natural fibres are ultra soft and gentle to the skin. Providing a comforting touch as you dry off from a hot bath.

Our collection of Bamboo towels, come with perfectly colour coordinating bath mats, to prove a fresh and clean bathroom space from the ground up.

Is your bathroom well ventilated?

A well ventilated bathroom is typically fresher as bathrooms can become very steamy, which can provide a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Regularly opening windows will help cleanse the air and remove moisture to prevent any unwanted dampness.

Bathroom in modern resort house

Some small bathrooms may not have a window to help circulate the air. But this isn't an issue, thanks to plants.

A handful of plants strive in warm humid conditions such as a steamy bathroom. One plant in particular, the snake plant, also filters the airspace and removes toxins.

Having a vent fan in the bathroom can be very useful at removing steam after a hot shower.

However, over time, extractor fans can clog up with dust. It is worthwhile cleaning it out with warm water regularly to get it working back to it's brilliant best.

Check out our recent blog which covers all the plants which are perfect for the bathroom.

Ground-breaking bath mats

When considering new bathroom accessories to refresh and update your room, it's worth being mindful of new and sustainable brands that are willing to make an environmental difference.

Companies that go above and beyond to be conscious of the materials and packaging used, should be recognised and considered over large and popular retailers that are yet to understand the critical damage caused by mass production of unsustainable products.

Keen to make a difference, Misona is a new and innovative brand that uses natural resources within their products, this includes Organic Cotton and Bamboo Cotton.

However, one of their most ground-breaking products is a bath mat made from natural diatomite rock!

A water splash on a Diatomite Bath Mat

This non-traditional material has many perks, including being anti-bacterial and odour-free which keeps your bathroom cleaner and fresher.

Better still, once switching your standard bath mat for a diatomite bath mat, you will be saving energy and money as it doesn't require washing like a normal plush cotton or microfibre bath mat.

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