5 benefits of a relaxing spa visit

5 benefits of a relaxing spa visit

A visit to the spa can be a great place to relax, and unwind. Experience tranquillity through various spa treatments such as massages, and facials. Whether you fancy some quality time alone, or instead wish to take a partner or a few friends, put life aside and treat yourself.

With dozens of health benefits for your health and mental wellbeing, a spa day is a perfect way to really take a step back from life, and take good care of yourself.

A place to de-stress

Having time to relax in a tranquil spa environment will reduce stress, improve mental health and provide many psychological benefits. One of which is having the opportunity to practice mindfulness, taking a break from social media and technology.

From steam rooms and jacuzzies, to dedicated treatments, spas provide many facilities to reduce stress and promote relaxation. In fact, a single massage can provide up to a 50% reduction in the levels of the stress hormone (cortisol).

Better still, you will even notice an improved quality of sleep, as a less busy mind will help you to sleep better at night.

It's also important to look the part. Pop on your spa slippers and cosy up in a Cotton Bath Robe between treatments.

Providing comfort, warmth, and absorbency, a towelling bath robe is also perfect for soaking you off, after a dip in the jacuzzi.

Relieves aches and pains

One of the best body treatments for people suffering with unwanted pains, is a massage. The masseuse will apply strategic pressure to muscles and connective tissues to help aid uncomfortable body aches.

A massage has many benefits besides relaxing tired muscles, including stimulating blood and lymph circulation, and encouraging your body to produce endorphins ("feel good" chemicals).

Similarly, you can cover up in our Ladies Shower Wrap. Made from 100% cotton, this super soft shower wrap provides practicality, allowing you to go hands free, as you dry off.

Improves blood flow and circulation

High temperatures in a warm jacuzzi will do amazing for your heart. This is because the blood vessels will dilate, therefore increasing and improving blood circulation and flow to the heart.

A gentle swim in a pool also benefits your heart. Engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise can increase the size and strength of your heart muscle.

Exercising in a pool can also be beneficial for those with arthritis, as swimming is proven to provide nearly instant relief from pain and stiffness.

Breaking up your spa day with a heart-healthy lunch will further promote a happier and healthier body, inside and out - also reducing the risks of heart disease.

Vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish, and whole grains are just a couple of suggestions of great sources of food, which your body will love.

Makes Skin More Radiant

Taking a trip to the spa for regular facials and face massages is highly beneficial for anti-aging, as it boosts cell regeneration and promotes collagen development. This results in the appearance of younger and healthier looking skin.

A facial also helps to detoxify the skin from built up waste and bacteria - therefore preventing breakouts.

Not only does a facial benefit your skin, is also release tensions from the head and neck, which can prevent headaches.

Improves your confidence

Like other spa therapies, the improvement to your physical being will extend to your mental wellness. When taking care of your body and pampering it, you will have a more positive view of yourself and your self esteem will grow.

Treatments such as massages act as a mood boost, due to the increases in dopamine and serotonin. This 'high' can then act as a reinforcement for caring for your body in other ways.

A visit to the spa will be the start of a healthy lifestyle, recognising the importance to dedicate time to self-care, to improve your everyday life.

Bring the spa to your home

If instead you wish to have the experience of a spa day in the comfort of your own home, look no further. These quick ideas will help you to really treat yourself, and bring the relaxation right to your home.

Setting the atmosphere with low lighting and a beautifully scented candle, flickering in the corner, will create a tranquil sanctuary for your mind to unwind.

Filling your bath with hot water and bath salts will help to ease muscle tension and de-stress.

After a long soak, wrap up in an ultra soft Bamboo Cotton Bath Towel - with hypoallergenic properties, it's perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Or, if instead you prefer a more wild approach, our 100% cotton Zebra Towels are a perfect choice if you are looking for a more stylish approach.

For more tips, read our blog on how to Create a Perfect Home Spa Day.

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