Are bamboo towels antibacterial?

Are bamboo towels antibacterial?

Bamboo towels are beautifully soft on the skin, but they also provide many other hidden benefits.

With its naturally anti bacterial, anti fungal and hypo allergenic properties, eco bamboo towels provide an effective drying option for those with sensitive skin.

In this blog we'll explain all the benefits of using bamboo towels compared to a traditional cotton towel, and why its time you considered the switch!

Why is bamboo a good material?

Bamboo truly is one of the most unique plants on earth.

Bamboo is a member of the grass family (Poaceae), and because it grows at such an astonishing rate, it never needs to be treated with harmful chemicals or pesticides to help it grow.

Indeed some species of bamboo can grow up to 3 feet per day, so you can literally watch it grow with your own eyes!

Benefits of Bamboo

In fact, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth meaning that crafting towels using bamboo fibre won't have a negative impact on the environment.

The bamboo plant only takes between three and four years to mature and we make sure that the entire plant is never harvested.

This allows re-growth to occur remarkably quickly, making the production even more sustainable. 

Bamboo is also not commonly eaten by insects or infected by pathogens, so that's means better towels for the environment and for your skin. 

Without a doubt, a bath towel made of natural bamboo can prevent the growth of moisture-loving bacteria and viruses. Nothing much beats the super germ-fighting properties of bamboo.

What makes bamboo anti bacterial? 

When bamboo tufts are processed into a fibre in order to create a towel, the anti-bacterial properties remain.

This means that the towel can easily fight back against odour-causing bacteria and keeps the towels smelling as fresh as when they first arrived. 

Bamboo Towels

Scientific studies on the antimicrobial properties of bamboo viscose found that even after washing over 50 times, the germ-fighting powers in the fabric remain strong.

As well as this, controlled testing carried out by the China Textile Industry Testing Centre produced some incredibly positive results.

The tests concluded that after introducing bacteria to a specimen of woven bamboo fabric, a 99.8% reduction in bacteria was observed over a 24 hour period.

Naturally hypoallergenic and skin friendly

When bamboo and cotton fibres are spun together to make a yarn, like for our Marlborough Bamboo Towels, their natural properties combine to make not only a superior feeling material, but also a hypoallergenic towel.

Allure Bamboo Towels

Bamboo has an extremely a high power of absorbency and is superior in soaking up any moisture.

So, as the end product is always super absorbent, there's no need to rub your skin excessively and cause irritation. The blend of cotton and bamboo produces an even silkier and softer feel than luxury Egyptian Cotton. 

One of the many reasons bamboo grows at such a rapid rate is that is naturally possesses anti-bacterial qualities. Bamboo is one of the rare plants that can survive all that nature can throw at it.

Styling bamboo into your home

Our Marlborough Bamboo Cotton Towels come in 7 stylish colours, certain to compliment any bathroom décor.

Also available in 4 sizes (Face Cloths, Hand Towels, Bath Towels and Bath Sheets) complete the look with a co-ordinated collection.

If you wish to go the extra mile, consider a perfectly colour matching bath mat. Also made from a bamboo and cotton mix, this bathmat is the ideal sustainable choice. Built with practicality in mind, the non slip backing will ensure you're kept safe from falls.

Bamboo Collection lifestyle

With approximately 4 times higher absorbency than traditional cotton mats, this bamboo bath mat is a brilliant alternative to soaking up water from damp bathroom floors.

Better still, this bath mat offers quick drying properties, once again, eliminating the chances of mildew growth which are often found in other bath mats.

We are also proud to say that our Bamboo Towels and Bath Mats meet the European Oekotex 100 Standard, ensuring that no harmful dyes or chemicals were used during production.

That means that the only footprint you will be leaving is the one on your new, soft bamboo bath mat.

So, next time you're in need of updating your bathroom, bear in mind our Bamboo Towels. Eco friendly & kinder to the planet, whilst also being kinder to sensitive skin.

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