What's the difference between a bath towel & a beach towel?

What's the difference between a bath towel & a beach towel?

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You may think that packing a regular bath towel when you head to beach will do the trick, but there are some key differences that can help you differentiate between a beach towel and a bath towel.

As you know from the name, a bath towel is used to wrap yourself in at home after a hot shower or a relaxing bath.

On the other hand, a beach towel is designed for use for when you're on holiday relaxing, whether that be led on the beach or next to the pool.

But other than their names and their purpose, what actually is the difference between a beach towel and a bath towel? We'll try to explain in this blog.

Beach towels are typically larger

Simply put, a beach towel should be larger in size than a bath towel.

Generally speaking, most bath towels will measure 70 x 120cm which is slightly smaller than most beach towels on the market.

Striped Rainbow Beach Towel

A standard size for a beach towel would be 70 x 140cm, much like our Nautical Striped Beach Towels, available in navy/white and rainbow colour schemes.

This size of towel is so popular with holidaymakers as it strikes the perfect balance; these towels are perfectly big enough for your sun lounger, but at the same time, lightweight enough to fit inside your travel allowance.

There are also many oversized beach towels available, which have their own benefits.

Measuring a generous 80 x 180cm (32" x 70" approx), our Jumbo Zebra Print Beach Towel is perfect for trips to the beach, lounging poolside, camping trips, music festivals or any other outdoor activity where you are trying to make the most of the warm weather.

This beach towel is one of the largest you will find on the market, meaning that it offers generous floor coverage to prevent you burning yourself on hot sand.

It can also be easily spotted from a distance when searching for it on a busy beach after a paddle in the sea thanks to its size and bright colours.

Zebra Print Beach Towel - Pink, Black 100% Cotton

It is also one of thicker towels you will find when it comes to picking a beach towel for your next holiday, making it perfect for comfort and absorbency.

This towel is so large that it could even double up as a picnic blanket if you've got a hamper full of food when you head down to the beach.

Beach towels have a special dual-sided construction

One of the main reasons that we use a beach towel is for a beautifully soft surface to lie on, whether that's on a sandy beach or a comfy sun lounger.

That's why our beach towels have a special dual construction, which is what makes them so unique compared with a standard bath towel.

Beach Towel Dual Sided Soft & Absorbent

All of our beach towels are expertly crafted using 100% ring-spun pure cotton for a soft and durable terry cloth fabric.

On one side there is velour finish for a supersoft feel and the reverse side is terry loops designed for maximum absorbency.

The velour finish offers supreme softness. Velour is a wonderfully plush fabric, characterised by it's soft-to-the-touch finish with cut fibres that follow the stroke of your hand. 

Meanwhile the terry loops provide extra surface area, allowing for superior absorbency potential, meaning that you will be able to dry off in no time at all.

The expertly woven loops are specially designed to pull in as much moisture as possible, making this towel ultra absorbent as well as promising long-lasting performance and durability.

Weight is another key difference between a beach towels and bath towels

There is also a subtle difference in thickness and weight when comparing a bath towel with a beach towel.

Beach towels tend to be lightweight and thinner compared with standard bath towels.

Bath towels usually start from around 450gsm and get thicker, whereas beach towels will be lighter in weight.

Our Jumbo Cabana Stripe Beach Towels are 420gsm, which for a beach towel is actually quite thick.

The reason for the difference is that bath towels need to be more durable, as they will be used on a daily basis whereas a beach towel gets lets frequent use.

Zebra Beach Towel Folded

The lighter weight also makes it more travel-friendly, as it is easier to pack in a suitcase or beach bag.

It also ensures that the towel will dry much quicker, which in turn will help prevent mould and mildew growth. Thicker and heavier-weight bath towels will hold moisture for longer.

An obvious difference - they don't quite look the same!

This may seem like an obvious one, but beach towels and bath towels tend to have a greatly different appearance.

A bath towel has a more subtle colour scheme as it is designed to look good in your bathroom and match your decor.

On the other hand, a beach towel is brighter and perkier designed to look good on a beach, in pictures, and for many other purposes.

Jumbo Cabana Stripe Beach Towel - Pink/White

A bath towel may not reflect your personality, just your taste in decor, but a beach towel can definitely reflect your personality depending on the colour or design you choose.

If you wanted to add a splash of colour to your bathroom, you could in theory use a beach towel as a bath towel.

However, using a bath towel as a beach towel is not something that we would recommend.

Make the right choice

So there you have it, although the differences between a beach towel and a bath towel may not seem obvious, there are small elements which make them the best option for what they are to be used for.

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