Saving space in your bathroom

Saving space in your bathroom

Tired of the lack of space in the bathroom? You are not alone.

Not everyone has the privilege of having a spacious bathroom.

If you are looking for ideas to turn that tiny bleak and uncomfortable space into a glamorous and utilitarian lavatory. Then you are at the right place.

Following are a few clever small toilet ideas to give you as much floor space and to make your bathroom more roomy, enjoyable, and sufficient.

Short Projection Toilets

We start our list with a short projection toilet or also known as a low depth toilet that exudes modernism with utility.

The distinction between the typical toilets and this type is that the ordinary toilets have a projection size between 595 mm and 800 mm, while the short projection toilets have a projection size is less than 650 mm.

The decreased surface space of the toilet frees up space and makes the bathroom seem to be larger, brighter, and spacious.

Despite being lesser in size, a short projection toilet offers the same utility and usability as its counterparts.


To enhance the comfort and make your short projection toilet look more aesthetically pleasing, you can use a beautifully soft, luxury Microfibre Pedestal Mat to enhance the space or add a pop of colour.

Available in a wide range of 10 different colours, our Microfibre Pedestal Mat is an expertly crafted product ensures your safety thanks to non-slip TPR backing and perfectly matches all décor styles.

Fully Shrouded Toilets

Next on the list is a full shroud design toilet.

The name "fully shroud"; means the water system and pipes concealed within its body.

The cistern fixes against the wall, hiding the pipe system and thus creating a tidier and cleaner look.

This design does not have awkward nooks or dust traps which means it will be effortless to clean it.

Fully shrouded toilets will look complete paired with a super soft coordinated Toilet and Bathmat set. This plush Microfibre set will be ultra absorbent and will dry five times faster than cotton bath mats. 

Chenille Two Piece Bath Mat Set

Back to Wall (BTW) Toilets

Back to Wall toilets offer both contemporary styles with space-saving features.

These toilets have a perfect design with back-to-wall seats which is excellent for modern bathrooms.

You have an option to either fit them against the wall or a WC unit, depending on your bathroom layout and aesthetic needs.

You can fit them anywhere, depending on the plumbing connections.

Your BTW Toilet will look perfect with a Merlin Striped Pedestal Mat.

It is a lavishly soft mat that is designed with a pom-pom effect surface. The ultra-soft and absorbent fibres are sure to soak up any water splashes, preventing a dangerous slippery floor for you and your entire family.

Go the extra mile, and pair your Pedestal Mat with perfectly coordinating Towels and Bathmats.

Wall Hung Toilets

A wall mounted or wall hung toilet is the top option for a tiny bathroom space.

That is because these are compact and can be fixed or mounted on the wall. All the plumbing work remains hidden inside the wall.

This type of toilet leaves space underneath that makes your small bathroom look more spacious.

The only downside of floating style toilets is that these are relatively higher prices and can be complicated to install.

Wall Hung Toilet

Although such toilets don't sit on the floor, a pedestal mat is not recommended. However, you can use multi-purpose mats and rugs for the same reason as they will soak up any moisture too.

Other Quick Tips

Making any living space look bigger is a tough ask.

However, choosing the right décor can help you give your room a slightly larger feel.

One way of doing this would be to add some colourful rugs or bath mats to your bathroom floor, giving your small room a strong focal point, with a more open and brighter feel.

Merlin Stripe Bath and Pedestal Mat in Blush Pink

You can also take a similar approach in other rooms of the house, whether that be your kitchen, living room or guest bedroom.

Natural light is essential for making small spaces seem more open and not so much like a cramped space to be in.

One thing to focus on would be opening up the flooring with light and bright colours.

Combine this with white and off-white walls to create a bright foundation that will reflect light, making your bathroom seem roomier.

Also allowing you to play around with the rest of the décor and use various colours and textures.

Make a small bathroom appear more spacious by ensuring it's clutter free. Maybe consider a compact vanity unit to hide all your bathroom essentials away.

Final Thoughts

Although a small bathroom has limited space, it should not stop you from achieving your desired bathroom looks.

We have discussed some of the budget-friendly, contemporary, and utilitarian toilets and bathroom mats that can perfectly complement each other, to help transform your small bathroom space into a stylish sanctuary.

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