Switch to sustainable packaging

Switch to sustainable packaging

We want you to choose Allure Bath Fashions safe in the knowledge that we are committed to to making the world greener.

That's why we've recently added a commitment to plant one tree with every single order we receive, where we will begin making monthly donations to One Tree Planted.

In addition to this, we have begun to take steps to remove plastic from our packaging and transitioning to eco-friendly alternatives. 

Here in this blog, we will explain what we are working on and regularly update you on our progress to making what we do more sustainable.

The first steps

We wanted to choose one specific collection from our range of bath mats and towels to trial some sustainable packaging materials and the Marlborough Collection seemed like the obvious choice.

These products already have eco-friendly credentials: the bamboo used to help construct these products growing rapidly and without the use pesticides and fungicides.

Bamboo is also 100% natural and biodegradable. Once you have no further use for your bamboo towel or bath mat, you can rest assured knowing that it will return to the earth and leave minimal environmental impact.

To make the switch, we have chose to two products in particular to help us achieve our goal of more environmentally friendly packaging.

We are utilising recyclable paper bags, and as an added layer of protection for our white products, we are using a compostable bag to give you peace of mind.

The paper bags can simply be added to the rest of your recycling, whilst if you do receive your product in one of the compostable bags, you won't need to worry about any toxins being released into the environment when it breaks down.

A work in progress

From our point of view, we want to make sure that you receive our products in pristine condition.

But we are also more than conscious of how import it is get your order to you in the least environmentally harmful way possible.

That's why we are almost treating this as a trial, and as we learn more about these packaging solutions work we promise to evolve and improve the way we ship your goods.

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