What is a Zero Twist Towel?

What is a Zero Twist Towel?

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Here at Allure Bath Fashions, one of our most loved and popular products is our Zero Twist Towels.

But other than the wide range of sizes and colours that are available in this collection, what is it that makes them so special?

Well, we believe the expert technique used to create these towels, Zero Twist, gives them the edge over many other ranges.

Zero Twist Egyptian Cotton

Let's take a closer look at what Zero Twist actually means when it comes to towels and why they provide such a superior performance.

What does zero twist mean in towels?

The name of the technique is actually quite self-explanatory.

During the construction of most towels, long and short cotton threads are twisted together to make a yarn.

The twisting ensures that the yarn is strong and durable. Any shorter strands of cotton would be prone to breaking down easily, whether that be during use or machine washing.

Many inferior types of fabric will need to be spun multiple times to allow it to be strong enough to be used during construction.

What are Zero Twist Towels?

However with more luxurious fibers, such as the Egyptian Cotton we utilise in our Zero Twist Towels, a low twist count can be used during the manufacturing process.

This is because these fibres are already naturally very strong. Not only that, they are also supersoft on the skin. 

Indeed, the quality of the cotton we use to create our Zero Twist Towels is of such good quality, the fibres do not need to be twisted at all, hence the name Zero Twist, producing a much softer and bouncier feel.

The benefits of Zero Twist

There are 3 key benefits of Zero Twist Towels: incredible softness, ultra absorbency, and long-lasting durability

Zero Twist towels will always provide a softer feel than regular towels. This is down to their smooth loops that touch your skin rather than twisted strands of towels with a more standard construction.

Their superior softness makes them the perfect option for those with sensitive skin, as they will not irritate as much nor produce a lot of friction when you are drying yourself.

Stepping out of a relaxing bath or hot shower will no longer be a chore if you choose a Zero Twist Towel.

Towels for Sensitive Skin

Although towels with a twisted pile are also absorbent, Zero Twist Towels have added potential for taking in water. 

The reason for this is that the greater the towel's surface area, the more water it can absorb.

And as none of the cotton fibres in a Zero Twist towel are twisted together, more cotton is exposed and therefore can take in more water. Each fibre has its own surface area for water to be attracted to. 

It also means that the towels will not feel as wet even after use, so you won't have to dry yourself with a damp, cold towel and can instead wrap yourself in the feeling of luxury. 

The final benefit of a Zero Twist is their durability. 

Because the towels are constructed using longer and stronger cotton fibres, put simply, they are guaranteed to last longer and remain soft wash-after-wash. 

The towels also won't shed as the there are no shorter fibres that will break down, meaning that they will retain more of their cotton over time.

A wide range of options

If you think a set of Zero Twist Towels might be for you and your family, make sure you check out our own collection.

Zero Twist Towels Size Guide

Available in an astonishing 20 colours and 4 sizes (face cloths, hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets), with our Egyptian Cotton Towels, you can be sure of finding something that will suit your tastes and your needs. 

For a co-ordinated look, we also have colour-matched Two Piece Bathroom Mat Sets and Reversible Bath Mats

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Katie Miller
Katie Miller

Would be lovely 🥰 to have new cosy towels thanks for the wonderful chance

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