Revitalise your home to boost your wellbeing

Revitalise your home to boost your wellbeing

Our total wellbeing, emotional and physical health is greatly affected by our home and our environment.

The ongoing pandemic has forced the vast majority of us indoors more than usual, so it's important to breathe life into your dwelling so that your energy and creativity doesn't wane prematurely.

Take inspiration and apply these suggestions to reinvigorate your home and maintain your mental health, especially during the winter months which can be particularly cold and dark.

Boost your wellbeing at home

This is the perfect time to make some changes, whether that's to your living room, bathroom, or anywhere else in your home. It's all important to be able to feel like you can relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Is your bath set looking and feeling a little outdated and worn?

You may not have had the ability to get out and visit a hotel, but you can bring a luxury resort feel to your own home by adding quality bath sets.

Vibrant decoration in bright colours has its benefits and can do wonders for your general mood. It can also completely update the look and feel of a room, without breaking the bank or spending too much money.

Colourful bathroom mats

You've surely noticed that your bath linens will inevitably lose absorption over time. They can also begin to retain musky odours — a sure sign that they're breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

If this is the case, a fresh set of towels, bath mats, and pedestal mats can be a real boon to your physical health too, as well as allowing you to revitalise the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Renovate Your Outdoor Space

It's all too easy to get stuck in a rut by solely working and playing inside in front of a screen.

It's vital to get outside and enjoy the goodness of sunlight and fresh air, it is the perfect way to help you reduce stress and stay healthy.

If you feel like your garden space is drab and lifeless or could do with some work, you'll lack the motivation to spend any time in your yard.

You should endeavor to create a beautiful and inviting outdoor area. To achieve this, why not add a splash of colour to your outdoor space by adding a summer blanket?

Summer Rainbow Blanket Throw

You may lack the know-how to turn your property into the slice of paradise you desire.

A professional landscape architect can guide you to maximize the garden for space, soil, and sunlight, leaving you with a gorgeous area to enjoy.

Why not ask the pro to draft a 3D rendering ahead of time so you can be confident that your gardening plan is perfect before the work is even started.

Improve Your Lighting

You may not have the option to work outside, but letting in natural light through open windows is always the best option for your welfare.

You can hire a professional window cleaner once a year to maintain a brilliant shine on all your home's glass and to make sure that you are letting in as much as light as is possible.

The strategic placement of mirrors can also immediately boost the amount of light inside the house and give the illusion of an increased, expansive space.

However, if privacy is a concern, you should purchase window tinting.

It's pretty simple to install by yourself, and there are a great variety of shades and colours to complement your decor so that you don't have to compromise on style.

Frosted options provide near-total invisibility into your home day or night, while darker tints can give you the ability to see what's going on outside during the day.

Smart Lighting

Another option would be to look into smart lighting if you have yet to adopt it or if natural light isn't really an option for you.

Some bulbs allow you to adjust the mood with colour-changing settings. Timers can be set to remind you of bedtime, and dimming options encourage relaxation while saving energy.

Smart lighting is a good way of increasing your mood whilst at the same time, being more energy efficient and in turn, more green.

If you have the time and can afford it, consider installing new fixtures altogether to optimize lighting. You should hire an electrician if the task is above your DIY skills!

Create a Signature Scent Profile

Essential oils are all the rage, and for good reason.

Scientific research has shown that scents can significantly affect mood, and smell is the sense tied most strongly to memory.

Use candles, incense sticks, and diffusers as desired to create the right feeling in each section of your home.

Candles for Home

Your home should be able to easily alternate between stimulating and relaxing when appropriate, whether you have some human company with your friends and guests or if you're having a chilled morning or evening in.

Your mental & physical health and wellbeing may dramatically improve when you take these steps to transform your living space.

So what are you waiting for? Give them a chance and you may just see the benefits.

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