A close up of a light grey bobble bath mat

Collection: Grey Bath Mats - Plain & Patterned Bathroom Mats, Shower Mats

Are you on the look out for a brand new Grey Bath Mat?

Choose from our wide range of grey bath mats in both plain and patterned styles for a seamless fit or to add some contrasting colour to your bathroom.

From dark grey to light grey, charcoal and monochrome, we have a grey bath mat in all of the collections below, with a broad range of grey tones to cater for all tastes and home décor. 

Larger or longer mats are sometimes called a bath runner and are also available. 

All of our bathroom mats and mat sets have a non slip backing or come with a slip resistant underlay to ensure maximum safety with every use for you and the whole family. Read more on why we only sell non-slip bath mats.

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34 products


34 products