guest towel size guide

What is a guest towel?

Towels come in a wide range of sizes, colours and designs. 

Here at Allure Bath Fashions, we pride ourselves on just that. With four different sizes and a vast array of colours and designs, we are sure to have something for you and your taste.

One size of towel that we may be aware of, but is slightly less common here in the UK, is a guest towel. This type of towel is typically more popular on the continent, but does have its benefits.

But, what actually is a guest towel and what is it used for? Here in this blog we will try to answer just that and explain its possible uses. 

How big is a guest towel?

The size of a guest towel falls between a face cloth and a hand towel. A typical guest towel will measure 40 x 60cm. 

Towels Size Guide

Despite it being called a guest towel, you do not necessarily just have to bring them out when you have visitors. They can have a variety of helpful uses.

They are the perfect size to be used for drying your hands in a downstairs toilet. Their size makes them easy to stack next to the sink, without the need to take up too much room.

They are also the ideal addition to the en-suite and guest bathrooms, perfect for drying off your face after a quick wash.

A guest towel could also be the best option for both and men and women with shorter hair if they're looking to wrap it up to dry whilst they get ready.

One thing remember though, wash these towel regularly and rotate with other guest towels to maintain hygiene standards.

Check out our blog post for helpful hints and tips on how to keep your towels soft and clean for longer.

What towels should I offer my guests?

It's always important to feel like you are being the best host that you can be.

When it comes to towels, we all feel more comfortable when we know we have our own fresh, clean towels to use.

Towel Bale Bed Hotel

For your guests, its always best to supply one set of towels per person. You may wish to stack your guest towels next to the sink for ease of use, whilst placing the remaining towel bales on the bed. 

It may also be worth adding a small basket to your guest's bathroom, so that they can pop their used guest towels in there ready for a quick wash.

Towels that are hung up in the bathroom will usually be bath towels or bath sheets, so don't use these just for drying your hands or you will run out of towels pretty quickly!

Learn more about how many towels you really need.

Hand towels provide an alternative

Here at Allure Bath Fashions, the closest size towel we have to a guest towel is our wide range of hand towels.

These hand towels are available in a range of plain and patterned designs and are ideal for everyday use.

Whether that is for drying your hair or hands, adding a decorative accent to your bathroom, or forming part of a co-ordinated set, the choice is yours. 

Hand Towel with Hanging Loop Hook

Some of our hand towels come with a hanging hook, like our Hotel Premium Towels.

These heavyweight, 800gsm towels can easily be hung for ease of use in a cloakroom, en-suite or guest toilet.

As one of the heaviest towels on the market, these also have a much higher absorbency potential. 

Looking for something bigger?

There's always a need for something bigger. Why not check out our range of co-ordinated collections, including the larger sized bath towels and bath sheets.

And if you're unsure about the difference between the two, our blog post on the difference between a bath towel and a bath sheet has got you covered.

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