Pedestal Mats: A Buying Guide for Toilet Mats

Pedestal Mats: A Buying Guide for Toilet Mats


Many of us believe that a pedestal mat is a must have in our en-suite or on our bathroom floor, and with good reason.

Not only do they provide comfort, but they can also enhance a bathroom's design or provide a statement piece depending on which type of pedestal mat you choose.

That's why we've put together a short buying guide for you to help you understand the differences and choose which of the many pedestal mats that are available is the best option for you.

What is a pedestal mat?

A pedestal mat is quite simple, it is designed to sit around the base of your toilet (which is why it's also often simply known as a toilet mat).

Merlin Chunky Bobble Pedestal Mat in Blush

This means that they are u-shaped in design for ease of use, and so that they can sit proudly and easily around your toilet.

Many people choose to use pedestal mats to add a touch of comfort to their bathroom routine.

Pedestal mats often have a soft deep pile, usually comprised of cotton or microfibre polyester, to keep your feet nice and warm, and prevent you from suffering the shock of cold tiles beneath your feet first thing in the morning.

You can also co-ordinate your pedestal mats with your bath mats to give your bathroom a complete feel, and this is something that we pride ourselves on here at Allure Bath Fashions.

Choose premium cotton to sink your feet into

Cotton is widely used when pedestal mats and bath mats are designed thanks to its durable, soft and absorbent properties.

An example of this would be our premium Elegance Reversible Pedestal Mats, the ideal choice to place around the base of your toilet.

Elegance Bath Mat and Toilet Mat in Mocha

These mats are created using hand-tufted reversible loops of ring-spun, long-staple cotton which produces a thick, deep pile to keep your feet cosy.

The long-staple cotton used to craft these mats ensures that they will be extremely long-lasting and can be washed regularly, something you will want to do with your toilet mats.

The longer cotton fibres used are stronger, which means they won't break down as easily when they are machine washed. That's why we always use the finest materials.

Available in a wide range of colours and matching bath mats, these rugs will make a welcome addition to your home.

Large in size, these mats provide generous floor coverage and protect against the worry of cold tiles on your feet.

Step on to silky softness with microfibre pedestal mats

Providing a snuggly soft feel, microfibre pedestal mats are the perfect option for those looking for ultimate comfort.

Not only are they incredibly soft, but they are easy to care for and can withstand a vast number of washes before any noticeable signs of wear and tear.

Microfibre Bath Mats and Pedestal Mats

Microfibre also has the ultimate absorbency potential, quickly soaking up water splashes and also drying 5-times faster than cotton.

Our Microfibre Pedestal Mat also features non slip thermoplastic rubber backing, keeping the mat securely in place.

This is especially important for homes with elderly people or young kids living there, as this backing provides peace of mind as you know the mat will not slide around, even on slippery floors. Safety is assured with these mats.

With a wide range of colour options and co-ordinated non slip bath mats available, these simple yet stylish mats will add a touch of class your bathroom floor.

Add a pop of colour and style with patterns and designs

As well as their practicality, pedestal mats could be utilised alongside your bath mat to provide a splash of colour or a statement piece in your home.

An example of this would be our Chunky Bobble Pedestal Mats in the Multi Bright variation.

California Chunky Bobble Bath Mat and Pedestal Mat in Multi Bright

This mat will add a quirky and harmonious tone to fill your bathroom and surround your toilet.

The striped design provides a pleasing aesthetic, and its blend of microfibre polyester and cotton is extremely soft and absorbent.

It is also hand-woven with chunky bobbles which creates a beautifully soft, deep pile, ensuring warmth with every single use.

Match with the co-ordianted bath mat for a complete look.

Bath mat and pedestal sets make the perfect combination

As well as buying pedestal mats on their own, you can also buy bath mat sets which contain both a bath and pedestal mat, often at a lower price.

Buying as a set ensures a co-ordinated look, whether that's the shade of mat you choose of the patterns.

Linear Rib Bath Mat Set in White

We have a range of bath mat sets on sale, with a vast array of designs and colours to suit all home decor.

So why not give your bathroom or en-suite a style update now, with some new bath rugs.


Allure Bath Fashions
Allure Bath Fashions

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Yes you can, our pedestal mats are sold separately and you can find them all here:

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Mrs M Gymer
Mrs M Gymer

Can I purchase 2 pedestal mats and no bath mats?

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