Colourful bathroom ideas 2024- Refresh your space

Colourful bathroom ideas 2024- Refresh your space

Choosing the right bathroom colour scheme can be a hard decision. A single colour can transform the overall atmosphere and feel of a room, and also give the illusion of a room feeling larger or smaller.

When it comes to colourful décor, you'll see it's a personal preference, so it's key to choose colours which will create the right ambiance for you. You can do this through the bathroom accessories you choose, or make a braver choice and transform your space with statement bathroom tiles or colourful wallpaper.

Whether you've got a spacious bathroom or a more compact shower room, picking colours that you'll love is essential. After all we do spend a lot of time in there each day.

We have put together a list of 5 colourful bathroom ideas to implement into your décor this year.

Mustard bathroom décor

Warm shades of mustard, sometimes referred to as ochre and honeycomb, are staying on-trend for 2024. This versatile colour choice is perfect for adding a new lease of life into your bathroom design.

And, did you know that bright colours can make you feel happier in the home? Shades of yellow act as a dopamine booster, and lift your mood without you even knowing it!

yellow bathroom decor

With this shade, you can make use of complimenting colours.

Mustard works beautifully well with shades of grey, refreshing a monochrome bathroom with a simply pop of colour. Warm yellow tones can also accentuate a period feel as this colour has been used for centuries throughout historic homes.

Implement mustard into your bathroom with floor tiles, making a statement with a bold colour and striking pattern. If instead you're looking to take a more subtle approach with mustard bathroom accessories, consider a thick and luxurious two piece bath and toilet mat set, in a ribbed textured design.

This bath mat will make a focal point beside a roll top bath, whilst the coordinating pedestal mat provides the extra necessary floor coverage to keep your feet away from those pesky cold floor tiles, especially during the winter months.

Complete the look with mustard towels, available in a broad range of patterns and textiles, to make sure there is something for every design choice.

Gorgeous tones of greige

Trending for 2023 is the 'Spathroom' - Spa-inspired bathrooms.

Indulge in peaceful ambiance with warm tones of grey and beige (greige).

This timeless colour palette is complimentary to a broad range of colours and décor styles, making it a popular choice with interior designers whom have an eye for creating a luxurious spa environment at home.

This begins with a clean-feeling room, finished with comforting accents. Provide adequate storage space to keep your everyday essentials close to hand, without cluttering up and creating a chaotic feel.

Mix greys, off-whites and browns throughout your white bathroom décor for a bright and airy feeling room. Compliment that natural tones in your bathroom with luxury hotel towels for the utmost comfort.

grey beige bathroom

Greige is a great colour scheme for small bathrooms, as it boasts natural light, creating a more spacious-feeling bathroom.

Using more subtle lighter tones doesn't mean your bathroom has to feel less stylish. You can add interest to your walls with statement hexagonal tiles, in a bright white. Shiny surfaces will reflect light and open up the space.

Fresh smelling reed-diffusers are perfect at creating a tranquil atmosphere, whilst a Hotel Quality Bathrobe is a luxury necessity, to finish your bath time routine wrapped in luxury.

Embrace a feminine feel

Shades of pink are becoming increasingly more popular to incorporate into home décor colour schemes. Though pink used to be a popular choice to create a bright and youthful room, styled appropriately, a dusky blush pink colour can be made to bring a grown-up feminine feeling to an interior.

Implementing pink into your room can be simple with a collection of pink towels.

Warm hues of blush pink are great complementary colours to a rust and burnt orange themed bathroom. This replicates the colours of a beautiful sunset for a relaxing feel.

The use of pink wall tiles can create the perfect backdrop for a bright white bathroom, creating a focal point and adding personality with bright colour.

Smaller accents such as a stylish pink toilet brush, or a rose coloured vase for a decorative bamboo plant, is a great way to incorporate hints of colour to your bathroom space.

blush pink bamboo collection

On the topic of bamboo, this record-breaking plant is a made into a great fabric for bathroom textiles.

Our ultra soft collection of bamboo mats and coordinating bamboo bath towels come in a collection of trendy colours. Including, of course, a pretty pink hue.

Clashing colourful bathroom ideas

Transform a plain white bathroom into a colourful bathroom with some accessories, bright tiles, a coat of paint, or a new piece of furniture.

Being on a budget, you may not want to splash out on colourful bathroom tiles. Instead, inject more colour onto your bathroom floor with a super soft and thick, two piece Chunky Bobble Bath Mat Set.

multibrights bath mat set

Featuring an array of gorgeous bright colours in a stylish striped design, this coordinating bath mat and toilet mat is an easy solution for quickly adding bold colours.

Update your walls with some decorative wall art to add colour but also some personality into your bathroom décor. The choices are endless, from fun slogans to impressive and intricate art prints.

You can support small businesses by heading over to sites such as Etsy to shop thousands of sellers' unique work.

Emerald green interiors

Another colourful bathroom idea is an emerald green interior. This colour scheme will evoke the calming feel of nature and create a luxurious, rich feel.

While dark colours don't always appeal to everyone, forest green accents can also be implemented through a range of bathroom friendly plants.

Bathrooms are a place to relax. A deep dark tone, can create a sense of tranquillity as you lay back and soak off. Compliment a forest green bathroom with a selection of candles, to create the ultimate cosy atmosphere.

green bathroom tiles

Go head-to-toe green in your bathroom with a luxurious feature wall of emerald green bathroom tiles. Compliment your wall with colour-blocking; an on-trend technique for creating a colourful bathroom. Take a corner, or a shelf and use this point to start and stop different colour choices.

If you're looking at adding small accents of bold colours, consider a handful of dark green bathroom towels, to add luxury and style for less. Our sophisticated collection of Country Style Towels are textured with a floral pattern, for a stylish touch. Pair this with our colour co-ordinated Country House Bath Mats for a perfect match.

Introducing colour is easy

So, don't shy away from colour! Introduce small accents into your space easily through soft furnishings.

Choose a collection of towels and bathroom mats which compliment your décor whilst also being wonderfully practical; and co-ordinate them with a piece of striking wall art, or an ornament, to let your personality shine through and make your bathroom colourful.

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