Interior colour trends for 2021

Interior colour trends for 2021

Last year, it was the bolder and brighter tones that stole the show.

From mustard to blue, to pink and green, it seemed that we all craved a beautiful pop of colour in our homes.

And with everyone spending more time at home than we call all remember, more so than ever we need our decor to give us a lift and some much-needed energy. 

The trend continues

It's maybe not surprising that the desire for bolder colours seems to be continuing into 2021.

The 2021 colours of the year, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, combine an optimistic shade of yellow with a much calmer grey tone making for the perfect combination. 

2021 colours of the year

If you like the look of this duo side by side, then why not add it to your bathroom?

This aesthetically pleasing combination is used within our Merlin Stripe Collection of Bath Mats and Towels - giving you and on-trend and co-ordinated look for your home. 

Featuring a simple striped design in complementary tones to give your bathroom an instant style update.

This collection is certain to suit your needs. With a matching hand towel, bath towel, bath sheet, bath mat and pedestal mat available, we are sure to have you covered, whatever it is you are looking to add to your bathroom. 

Combine pink and green

It may seem an unusual combination, but according to Livingetc, pink and green will give you fashionable look for your home with it becoming ever more popular on walls and homeware.

Green and pink work so well together as they sit completely opposite of each other on the traditional colour wheel. 

They amplify each other and are far less contrasting than green and red.

Striped Bath Towels (Pink, Green & White)

If you're looking for this sort of combination, why not check out our Stripe & Spot Towel Collection

These plush 500gsm towels, in the pink stripe design, combine white, green and pink stripes to add a splash of colour to your bathroom.

They are sure to offer not only fluffy softness on your skin but also quick absorbency too, providing you with the ultimate comfort and fast results when drying off after a relaxing bath or hot shower. 

Red is making a comeback

This bold colour can be a real statement piece in your home and it is making a comeback. 

Laura Barnard, Buying and Merchandising Manager at Arlo & Jacob, explained that the colour is a response to our craving for "a more joyous and optimistic design [in our] immediate surroundings."

If you are wary of using such a strong colour, why not try out one of Terracotta Microfibre Bath and Pedestal Mats

Microfibre Bath and Pedestal Mat Terracotta Red

But if you really want to feel the joyousness that this colour can bring, go even bolder with our Cranberry Zero Twist Towels.

Our premium Egyptian towels are crafted with perfection for luxury and durability. Made from the finest 500gsm cotton pile providing softness, strength and excellent absorbency.

These towels are expertly dyed so that the colour does not fade, even after multiple washes.

The colour of Cranberry is also the perfect addition to your home this festive season for a co-ordinated Christmassy feel!

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