Blue Chevron Beach Towel with Flip flops, sun hat, sunglasses and sun cream on towel

10 Beach Essentials For That Long Awaited Trip!

Summer is nearly here, but are you ready? If you’re not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

From beach towels to beach hats, sunglasses to sunscreen, check out our in depth list below for all the essentials you need for that long-awaited trip to the seaside.

1. Beach Bag

Care-free; that's what we all want to be when we head for a day out at the beach.

That's why it's important to choose some luggage that is versatile and also pretty lightweight, as you shouldn't need to carry around too much.

These embroidered beach bags are a perfect size for fitting all your essentials in, from your swimwear to your sunglasses. 

Bespoke Embroidered Beach Bag

It is comfortable for carrying because of it's padded handles, and the fact that you can personalise with your own name or initials means that you can pop for a dip in the water, and come straight back to your easily identifiable bag.

2. Sun cream

This is probably the most vital item you’ll need on your first trip out!

We all know that a bottle of sun cream is essential, protecting your skin against sunburn and avoiding inflammation and redness.

After just over a year in lockdown, we’ve all been cooped up inside too long and probably haven’t been catching a tan too often so this item really is a must have.

3. Swimwear

If you’re heading down to the beach and the sun is shining, you’re sure to want a quick dip to cool off.

So that means one thing... make sure you’ve got your swimsuits at the ready!

If you want a change of style or can’t find yours at the back of the drawers shop why not check out some of our favourites: Stay Wild Swim for women, SuperDry for men and H&M for kids.

Stay Wild Swim, Superdry and H&M kids swimwear

4. Sunglasses

Keeping the sun out your eyes make it so much easier to read a book, or even if you just want to hide the fact that you’re having a quick nap!

Be sure to pack some UV protection sunglasses in your bag, like these from Meller.

Just as sun cream helps to protect your skin from possible UV damage, UV glasses are designed to block out most of the ultraviolet rays reaching your eyes, preventing unnecessary damage.

Blonde young woman in sunglasses on a sandy beach

5. Beach Towel

A towel is of course one of the most essential items to take when going for a trip to the beach.

Whether you’re sunbathing, swimming or getting changed, the versatility and convenience that they bring mean that they really are a must have!

Add some colour and differentiate from everyone else’s towels with our bold Cabana Striped Beach Towel.

Easy to spot when you’re coming out of the sea and super soft on your skin when you dry yourself off, these towels really do have it all.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a slightly smaller towel that is still large enough to cover your lounger, but also lightweight enough to fit inside your baggage, look no further than our Velour Striped Beach Towels, available in two stunning colourways.

Blue chevron beach towel  on a sandy beach looking out over the sea

This striking printed beach towel is made using 100% natural cotton, making for a beautifully soft and absorbent towel, guaranteed to meet your needs.

6. Lunch Box

If you are taking a day trip to the beach, you and the kids are always going to get hungry with all the playing and sunbathing!

If the sun is out (which we are all hoping it is!), you will want to keep your snacks cool with an insulated lunch bag.

These bags are just perfect for keeping drinks and sandwiches chilled until the moment that you want to tuck in! 

7. Book

We all imagine that going to the beach can be jam-packed with fun and games, but a lot of us just want a nice relaxing afternoon.

With the waves in the distance, sun on your back and an ice cream in hand the perfect way to round it up is to have a gripping book on the go.

We like this list of summer must-reads, why not check them out and pick one that catches your eye.

Open book on sandy beach with hat, grapes and sunglasses on beach mat

8. Beach Hat

Whether you’re sunbathing, reading a book or eating lunch, no one likes having the sun in their eyes.

All of this means a beach hat is essential, and we have found just the right one for you. This Beach Hat helps you keep cool and look cool.

ASOS floppy Beach Hat

Perfect for folding up into a your beach bag, and protecting you from those powerful sun rays, this hat is the ideal addition to have ready to go, just before you set off. 

9. Beach Shawl

For those chillier days or for the quick nips to the ice cream van, make sure you have a shawl in your beach bag.

Although it’s totally fine, not many of us want to be walking around in a bikini when going to get refreshments, so this light beach shawl is perfect for covering up slightly.

Beach Shawl

It is flowy and airy so even if you’ve just hopped out the sea, it’ll be sure to dry in minutes! 

10. Bucket and Spade

Kids bucket and spade beach and sand pit set

Last but not least, if you’re taking your children to the beach, meeting a young family, or you're just a big kid at heart, keep busy with a bucket and spade set.

The longer the kids are occupied, the longer you have to relax!

This fun set that we have picked out has so many different bits to it, you just know that it will keep the little ones entertained for hours. 

So there we have it! Our top 10 beach essentials for this summer!

Be sure to be the one well prepared for that first family outing or meet up with your friends that everyone has been waiting for.

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