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Celebrate World Emoji Day with Fun Bath Mats

Who doesn't love emojis?

These little pictograms have become a language of their own, expressing emotions and conveying messages in a fun and visually appealing way.

With World Emoji Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to embrace the joy of emojis and add a touch of playfulness to your home decor.

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In this blog post, we'll dive into what World Emoji Day is, when it takes place, and why adding a fun bath mat can bring joy to any bathroom.

So get ready to sprinkle some emoji magic on your floors! Here goes...

What is world emoji day?

World Emoji Day is an annual global celebration of emojis, those delightful icons that have become a ever-present part of our digital conversations and how we communicate.

The inspiration for this the event was simply: it's a day to embrace the fun, creativity, and universal appeal of emojis, bringing people from different backgrounds, cultures and languages together through the power of these small but meaningful symbols.

Jeremy Burge at LMT Smart Future On stage for the Smart Future conference in Riga, Latvia. 2017.

This special day was created by Jeremy Burge, who is the founder of Emojipedia, in 2014.

Since then, it has gradually gained popularity and recognition globally.

When is world emoji day?

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17th every single year, and there is a very good reason for this.

The date holds significance in the world of emojis because it represents the "Calendar" emoji.

If you look closely at the calendar emoji on most platforms, you'll notice that the default date displayed is July 17th.

Calendar Emoji on Light Blue Background

This date was chosen for this emoji because it commemorates the day when Apple first launched its iCal (now known as Calendar) app for iOS back on July 17, 2002.

Burge wanted to select a date that had a connection to emojis and their history, and since the calendar emoji showcases this date, it became the ideal choice to honour the digital language of emojis and celebrate their positive impact on our daily lives.

Why Celebrate with Fun Bath Mats?

Now that we know what World Emoji Day is and when it takes places, let's explore how you can bring the emoji spirit into your home.

One creative way to do that is by adding emoji-themed bath mats to your bathroom.

Fun Bath Mats led beside Bathtub

Bath mats not only serve a practical purpose but can also inject a dose of fun and personality into your space too.

Here are a few examples of our emoji-inspired bath mats that are sure to bring a smile to your face every single time...

Smiley Face Bath Mat

Bring some happiness to your bathroom and start your day on a positive note with a bath mat featuring the classic and iconic yellow smiley face emoji, providing real pop of colour and a statement piece.

This cheerful mat will greet you with a grin every time you step out of the shower, setting a joyful tone for the day ahead.

With a reversible design for utmost durability, one size features a super soft cut pile, whilst the opposite side has a textured loop design, with both sides showing the classic happy face design.

Smiley Face Bath Mat on Bedroom Floor

This mat would also make a great addition to your hallway or kids bedroom thanks to its fun and versatile design.

So why not step onto happiness with our smiley face bath mat – it's guaranteed to turn your bathroom into a grin-and-bear-it kind of place!

Lips Shaped Bath Mat

Add a touch of glamour and playfulness with a bath mat shaped like luscious red lips.

This emoji-inspired bathroom mat is a great way to showcase your personality and inject a pop of colour into your bathroom decor.

Lips Shaped Bath Mat in the entrance of Bathroom

Made with an incredibly soft and absorbent blend of cotton and polyester, this rug also features a slip resistant spray latex backing to keep it firmly in place, providing safety and security for the whole family.

A pucker-perfect addition to your bathroom decor, go ahead and add this statement bath mat to your home!

Pumpkin Shaped Bath Mat

Embrace the whimsical side of emojis with a pumpkin-shaped bath mat.

Perfect for fall or Halloween, this mat will bring a festive vibe to your bathroom and make every bath feel like a celebration.

Pumpkin Bath Mat outside a Shower

Add this to your bathroom over the spooky season or when hosting your own Halloween party, and your friends are sure to love it!

So, don't be haunted by the purchase you never made and add this Jack O'Lantern rug to your home right away.

These fun bath mats are practical too

Not only do these bath mats bring a touch of joy to your bathroom, but they also serve as functional accessories.

They provide a soft and comfortable surface to step onto, helping to prevent slips and falls, while also absorbing moisture to keep your floors dry and clean.

All of these mats also have easy care properties, so as soon as you need to, all you have to do is simply pop these mats in the washing machine and tumble dryer, and they will return to their original softness in no time at all.

So, why not celebrate in style?

World Emoji Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the impact of emojis on our modern communication.

Embrace the joy and creativity of emojis by adding an emoji bath mat to your bathroom decor.

Whether you choose a reversible yellow smiley face, red lips shaped, or pumpkin-shaped bath mat, you're sure to bring a touch of fun to your space.

Let these emoji-inspired mats greet you with a smile every time you enter your bathroom, creating a lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere.

So why wait? Get ready to celebrate World Emoji Day and make your bathroom a delightful place with these adorable bath mats!

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