Back to Uni Essentials - All The Cosy Comforts You Need

Back to Uni Essentials - All The Cosy Comforts You Need

As the end of summer edges closer and the back to uni season approaches, you may already be thinking about gearing up for an exciting academic year in university accommodation.

Whether you're a fresher embarking on your first university adventure or a seasoned student returning for another semester, getting ready for Uni can be simultaneously a fun yet stressful experience.

To make this transition smoother and more enjoyable, we have curated a collection of must-have Uni essentials that are both practical and stylish.

From plush Towel Sets to sustainable Chindi Rugs, Velcro Shower Wraps, and Cosy Throws, our collection of home comforts are designed to transform your dorm room into a cosy sanctuary for learning and relaxation.

Let's dive into the details of these amazing products!

Luxurious Towel Bundles: Wrapping You in Comfort

Embracing the premium touch of high-quality towels is an absolute must for any university student.

To save time when packing, a pre-made towel bundle will make life easier.

Or perhaps you're looking a gift to send your loved one on their way. Ribbon tied for a luxurious touch, our towel sets make a perfect gift to upgrade their bathroom routine.

A luxurious towel bundle not only adds a touch of elegance to a bathroom but also provides ultimate comfort.

hotel essentials 6pc towel bale

Crafted from premium, natural cotton, our 6-Piece Essential Towel Set is designed to cover you as you complete your bathroom routine.

Buttery soft and super absorbent, these lightweight towels will dry you off quickly and efficiently after a refreshing shower or a relaxing bath and also extremely easy to care for thanks to their quick-drying properties.

For full bathroom co-ordination from the ground up, consider a pre-made bathroom bundle of 2 x hand towels, 1 x bath towel and a super soft chenille bobble bath mat.

Available in a range of vibrant colours and sizes, this towel and bath mat bundles are a delightful blend of functionality and aesthetics, making them a perfect addition to your Back-To-Uni checklist.

Velcro Shower Wraps: The Perfect Post-Shower Companion

Shared bathroom spaces in student accommodation can feel like a pain. Say goodbye to awkward towel drops and enjoy the convenience of our Velcro Shower Wraps.

These innovative towel wraps are specifically designed to keep you covered and secure after every shower. No more fumbling with a regular towel while trying to get dressed!

velcro ladies shower wrap

Made from 100% cotton, these shower wrap will feel super soft against your skin, giving you an indulgent spa-like experience right in the comfort of your dorm's bathroom.

Choose from an array of trendy colours to express your style while enjoying the practicality of this essential Uni product.

For a stylish, matching look, pair your shower wrap with our colour co-ordinated hair wraps.

Sustainable Chindi Rugs: Embracing Eco-Friendly Style

Our affordable Chindi Rugs are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly, making them a responsible choice for eco-conscious students.

Handwoven from upcycled fabric scraps, these rag rugs add a pop of colour and texture to your living space, all while contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.

Due to the recycled fabrics used in these rugs, each piece is beautifully unique and one of a kind.

chindi rug bedroom decor

The versatile design of these Chindi Rugs mean they can complement any room of the house, all whilst adding underfoot warmth to your floor space.

Perfect as a beside the bed, or perhaps consider using it as a stylish touch in the living space.

Durable and easy to maintain, our sustainable Chindi Rugs are a statement piece that reflects your values and adds personality to your dorm room.

Sustainable homeware can come in a variety of ways, from recycled cotton towels to bamboo bath mats!

Cosy Throws: Your Companion for Late-Night Study Sessions

University life can be hectic, with long study hours and late-night studying sessions becoming the norm.

Our cosy throws are designed to keep you warm and comfortable during those intense sessions or movie nights with friends.

Add cosiness to your accommodation and snuggle up with a 100% Cotton Audley Herringbone Throw.

mustard audley herringbone throw

Both stylish and practical this throw is perfect for the Uni lifestyle.

Use as an extra layer of warmth in your bedroom or make the most of this throws versatility and double it up as an outdoor throw or picnic blanket for studying in the summer.

This Herringbone Chevron Throw is available in 2 sizes and 4 colours, that are certain to effortlessly complement any style dorm décor.

Weighted Blankets: Embrace Serenity and Relaxation

Navigating through the challenges of university life can sometimes lead to stress and anxiety, especially for most students as it is their first time living away from home.

That's where our weighted blankets come to the rescue!

These therapeutic blankets have gained immense popularity for their ability to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

Our weighted blankets are ingeniously designed to distribute gentle, even pressure across your body, simulating the feeling of a warm and comforting embrace, often described as a tight hug.

This deep touch pressure has been shown to stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine, the "feel-good" neurotransmitters, which can help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

weighted blanket to reduce stress

With a weighted blanket, you can experience a calming sense of tranquillity that's invaluable during busy academic schedules.

Not only do our weighted blankets offer mental relaxation, but they are also made with the same dedication to quality and comfort as all our products.

The soft, breathable fabric ensures a cosy night's sleep while being easy to maintain throughout the semester.

Available in various sizes and weights, our weighted blankets are versatile and suitable for all. After a couple of nights improved sleep, you'll see this product become an essential part of your Back-To-Uni toolkit.

Pack Up Your Creature Comforts

As you gear up for the upcoming academic year, don't forget to equip yourself with the essential, cosy Back-To-Uni items.

Make your bathroom routine comfortable with towel bundles and Velcro Shower Wraps, and upgrade your living spaces with sustainable Chindi Rugs, and cosy Throws.

Taking the time to elevate your university experience and transforming your dorm room into a cosy sanctuary is important so you can unwind, relax, and excel in your studies.

Embrace the perfect blend of functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics with our exceptional products.

Start the new term right, and make the most of this exciting chapter in your new student life with Allure Bath Fashions.

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