Bathroom Hand Towels vs Kitchen Hand Towels

Bathroom Hand Towels vs Kitchen Hand Towels

Towels are an essential part of our daily lives, serving various purposes in different areas of our homes. While we often use the terms interchangeably, hand towels for the bathroom and hand towels for the kitchen are designed with specific functions in mind.

In this blog post, we'll unravel the differences between these two seemingly similar yet distinct types of hand towels. A bathroom hand towel is typically just used for drying hands, whilst a kitchen hand towel sometimes known as a tea towel, is used for drying dishes, surfaces, and hands.

Material Matters

Bathroom Hand Towels:

Typically made from plush and absorbent cotton, the focus is on comfort and quick absorption, as these towels are often used for drying hands and face in the bathroom.

Choose a sustainable alternative to standard cotton with bamboo towels or recycled cotton towels.

recycled cotton towels

All of the desired qualities and functions you need in a towel, whilst being beautifully soft and stylish too.

Kitchen Towels:

In the kitchen, functionality takes precedence over luxury. Kitchen hand towels are commonly crafted from more durable materials, such as cotton or linen, designed to withstand frequent use, stains, and rigorous washing. The emphasis is on practicality and resilience.

Cotton terry cloth kitchen towels are perfect for providing absorbency to quickly wipe hands dry, whilst linen towels are sometimes more preferred for drying dishes as they are lint free.

Size and Shape

Bathroom Hand Towels:

Typically measuring 50x80cm, this is convenient for drying hands and faces without taking up excessive space in a bathroom setting.

Group a collection of different towels on your towelling radiator or shelf for a co-ordinated ensemble which adds style to your decor when not in use. Pair your hand towels with matching bath towels for a fully seamless look.

Kitchen Towels:

On the other hand, tea towels are usually slightly smaller sized. Despite the smaller design, they're perfectly versatile for various kitchen tasks, from drying dishes to handling hot cookware.

kitchen tea towels

Although, if you're looking for a towel with a bit more coverage, size up from the traditional style to maximise its versatility when working around the kitchen.

Design and Aesthetics

Bathroom Hand Towels:

Bathroom hand towels are commonly chosen for their aesthetic appeal.

They often come in a wide array of colours and patterns to complement bathroom decor, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

For a minimal approach consider simple plain hand towels in a solid colour.

navy hand towels

Or to provide a subtly stylish statement in your bathroom or ensuite, choose a striking pattern such as our leopard print towels.

Kitchen Towels:

While design is still a consideration for kitchen hand towels, the emphasis here is more on practicality and ease of use.

Dark solid colours or simple patterns that hide stains well are often preferred in the kitchen. Our floral cottage style towels are a great choice for a decorative touch in your kitchen or utility room.


Bathroom Hand Towels:

The primary function of bathroom hand towels is to provide a quick and comfortable way to dry hands and faces after washing. Softness and absorbency are key considerations.

Opt for a thick hotel style towel for a premium feel, or choose a trustworthy Egyptian Cotton Towel for long-lasting quality.

Kitchen Towels:

Compared to hand towels we use in the bathroom, kitchen towels have a broader range of uses. From drying hands after washing up, to wiping down countertops, mopping up spills, and handling hot cookware.

kitchen hand towels

Due to the high usage, tea towels need to be durable and versatile to withstand lots of daily use.

Kept in easy to grab locations, kitchen towels can either be kept folded neatly or hung with a built-in hanging loop.

Hygiene Concerns

Bathroom Hand Towels:

Given their use on the face and hands, bathroom hand towels may need to be changed more frequently to maintain hygiene. To keep things as clean as possible in the bathroom, we suggest using bamboo cotton towels.

Beautifully soft and absorbent, whilst holding anti-bacterial properties due to the natural materials.

bamboo cotton hand towels

This blend of fibres mean you need to wash these towels less frequently as they naturally stay fresher for longer.

Kitchen Towels:

Kitchen hand towels are exposed to various spills and potential contaminants. Regular washing is crucial to prevent the spread of bacteria and maintain a clean kitchen environment.

It is worth having a few towels put aside in the cupboard incase of accidental stains that may occur when cooking up a delicious meal.

Settling The Towel Debate

In conclusion, while both bathroom and kitchen hand towels serve the common purpose of maintaining cleanliness, their distinct designs, materials, and functions make them better suited for specific areas of the home.

Understanding these differences can help you make informed choices when shopping for towels, ensuring that you have the right towel for the right task in every corner of your home.

Shop our full collection of hand towels that can work perfectly in the bathroom or for use in the kitchen.

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