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What is a bathrobe used for?

A bathrobe, a seemingly simple garment, holds a plethora of purposes beyond its evident function of providing cover after shower or hot bath. Often regarded as a symbol of comfort and relaxation, this versatile garment can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom routine.

In this blog, we delve into the many uses of these dressing gowns, exploring its history, and all the benefits of a bathrobe.

The Origins of the Bathrobe

To truly understand the uses of a bathrobe, we must first journey back in time to its origins.

The concept of a bathrobe can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where the Greeks and Romans utilized similar garments for post-bathing rituals.

Old temple facade reflecting in Roman Baths in England

The purpose was not only to dry off but also to maintain warmth and modesty.

However, the modern bathrobe as we know it today has its roots in the 19th century. Initially, it was reserved for the elite and associated with the spa and luxury hotels.

Post-Bathing Comfort

One of the primary functions of a bathrobe is to offer a cosy and warm layer after a bath or shower. The absorbent nature of bathrobes makes them ideal for drying off, preventing the need for multiple towels.

The luxurious feeling of wrapping oneself in a soft, plush robe enhances the overall post-bathing experience, creating a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of one's home.

Woman applying cream in bathroom

Beyond the bathroom, bathrobes have become synonymous with relaxation and leisure.

The loose fit and comfortable fabrics make bathrobes the perfect choice for those lazy weekend mornings or quiet evenings at home.

Many wear a bathrobe while lounging around the house, sipping on their favorite beverage or reading a book.

What Is The Best Fabric For A Bathrobe?

One of the key factors contributing to the appeal of bathrobes is the variety of materials from which they are crafted.

Cotton, terry cloth, silk, and microfibre are just a few examples of the diverse options available. Each material brings its own unique set of characteristics, catering to different preferences and occasions. While terry cloth robes excel in absorbing moisture, providing a spa-like experience where as microfibre adds the super softness.

The soft touch of cotton robes absorb water and dries the body, while enveloping the wearer in a cocoon of cosiness. This is especially appreciated during colder seasons, turning the simple act of getting out of the shower into a spa-like indulgence.

Wrap up in our terry towelling dressing gown and indulge in the utmost warmth and comfort.

Versatility in Use

While traditionally associated with the home, bathrobes have transcended their original purpose and found a place in various settings.

Hotels and spas often provide guests with bathrobes, elevating the overall experience and adding a touch of luxury to their stay.

Woman in White Gloves Holding a White Bathrobe on Bed

The compact and lightweight nature of our Waffle Bathrobe makes them an ideal travel companion. Folding neatly into a suitcase, a bathrobe can add a touch of homey comfort to hotel stays

Are bathrobes worth it?

In conclusion, the uses of a bathrobe extend far beyond its basic function of drying off after a bath.

From providing comfort and relaxation to becoming a symbol of luxury and style, the bathrobe has evolved over centuries.

Whether you see it as a practical necessity or a cosy extra layer in the morning, the bathrobe remains a timeless and versatile garment that continues to play a significant role in our daily lives.

If you're thinking of keeping your loved ones cosy and warm, bathrobes are a great idea for gifting. Thoughtful and practical, it'll be a perfect addition to their bathroom routine, offering a luxury touch all year round.

What do we offer?

Here at Allure Bath Fashions, we have two different robes in our collection with both a bathrobe for men, and a bathrobe for women courtesy of their unisex quality and fit.

Our terry towelling dressing gown is made from beautifully soft and natural combed cotton, these premium robes are softer, thicker and has a super absorbent fabric, allowing for a spa-like experience with every use.

Each of our bathrobes boast the utmost in comfort with its exquisitely woven cotton thread and luxurious shawl collar for a perfect fit and to provide warmth. So instead of wrapping up after a bath or shower in your bath towels, choose towelling bathrobes to dry off.

Waffle Robe Hung Up

Or, why not choose our more lightweight, textured Waffle Bathrobe.

Made from a super soft 50/50 blend of cotton and microfibre polyester, this versatile waffle robe is unisex, one-size fits all and perfect for slipping on before you get yourself ready.

Hang to dry if needed using the hanging loop, lightweight properties ensure this spa robe will dry quickly and won’t remain damp for long. Both styles of our bathrobe have pockets and an adjustable belt, so you can be sure of maximum comfort with every single use.

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