Bring a smile with a fun bath mat

Bring a smile with a fun bath mat

We know that finding the right bath mat to suit your bathroom decor is vital, but have you considered a statement bath mat that may even make you and your guests laugh?

Something as simple as a funky bath mat, with a cheeky design or slogan, can help bring a smile to our face and put us in the best possible mood to tackle the day ahead.

That's what our range of Mooky Mats is designed to do. Step out of the hot shower or bath on a mat that will make you smirk.

And in this blog, we'll go through the different bath mats we have available so that you can find one to suit your home and sink your feet in to.

Tufted slogan bath mats can bring the cheekiness (literally!)

Why not add a slogan bath mat to your home décor? Available in contrasting colours, these mats are sure to stand out.

One of the newest additions to our Mooky Mats collection is a Nice Bum Bath Mat to provide some much needed cheekiness to your bathroom.

Nice Bum Tufted Slogan Bath Mat Non Slip in Bathroom

Not only does this that mat have anti slip backing for safety and security, the mat comes in a black and white colour scheme, ensuring that it will be suitable for wide range of interiors.

This funny bath mat with its raised pile design for super soft comfort is sure to bring a smile every time you catch a glimpse.

Red lips and wine sips

If you're looking to make a bright and bold statement, our Lips Shaped Rug is a great choice for you.

Finished with a striking red lipstick, this mouth shaped bath mat is certain to get compliments from your family and friends.

Red Lips Shaped Bath Mat Non Slip besides Bathtub

With this stylish and quirky bath mat, you can kiss your traditional bath mat goodbye, as this lips rug will promise instant style and a pop of colour on your floor - whilst being super absorbent and soft under your feet.

Perhaps you're looking to add a glamourous touch to your bedroom or dressing room. This lips shaped mat would make a wonderful gift for any make-up lover, who admires wearing a statement lipstick.

A Get Naked Bath Mat is always a popular choice

It's undeniably one of our most popular bath mats - the Get Naked Bath Mat will always draw a smile.

The expertly hand tufted fluffy slogan really stands out, and being available in two colours that are easy to fit into a wide range of décor, this could be the best choice for you.

Get Naked Bath Mat in White/Black in Bathroom

These slogan bath mats also have the non slip backing provided by spray latex so that you can lay this Get Naked Bath Mat on your bathroom floor, safe in the knowledge that it will hold firmly in place.

Add a scare splash of colour to your home

Perfect for Halloween, our Pumpkin Bath Mat is a great idea for adding a seasonal touch to your bathroom floor.

Don't be limited to the bathroom, this versatile accent rug also doubles up brilliantly as a living room rug or instead, placed in the hallway as you greet your guests for your spooky season parties!

Pumpkin Shaped Bath Mat Non Slip in Bathroom

Perhaps you're a fan of all things spooky and you welcome fun and scary accessories into your home decor all year round.

This Pumpkin Rug is a great choice for implementing a pop of colour into your room.

Why not opt for a square bath mat?

Introducing our newest bath mat, the Relax Soak Unwind Square Bath Mat, with a beautifully hand tufted slogan.

Designed with both style and long lasting durability firmly in mind, these non slip mats are made using a beautifully soft blend of cotton and polyester to ensure they wash well without and signs of wear and tear.

Relax Soak Unwind Bath Mat Non Slip in Bathroom

These fun bath mats come in a simple grey and white colour scheme which can provide subtle statement piece to a wide range of bathrooms.

The shape of these bath mats also make them suitable for use outside a shower cubicle, providing a stylish and soft mat for you to step out onto after a steamy shower.

Love and a relaxing bath is all you need

Share the love in your home décor with our fun slogan bath mat.

Inject some character and personality into your bathroom with the Love Is All You Need Bath Mat, and make a simple yet striking statement beside your bathtub.

This fun bath mat design is certain to be a great talking point with your guests.

Love Is All You Need Bath Mat Non Slip in Bathroom

Tufted with a raised pile to ensure this slogan can be read from afar, as you head towards the bathroom to complete your morning routine.

The thick and fluffy mat will not only add style, it's practical too! It will quickly absorb any splashes, whilst providing comfort and warmth underfoot, protecting your toes from cold floor tiles particularly in the winter.

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