Autumn home decor: Indulge in cosiness

Autumn home decor: Indulge in cosiness

As the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to paint the landscape with warm hues, it's the perfect time to infuse your home with the spirit of autumn.

From cosy furnishings and luxurious throws, our collection offers a kaleidoscope of colours and styles that capture the essence of this vibrant season.

Having an autumnal home transformation can be done so easily, without costing a fortune. Let's explore how you can effortlessly transition your summer living space into a haven of warmth and comfort.

The Palette of Autumn: Colours that Captivate

Autumn is renowned for its rich and captivating colour palette – think deep burgundies, earthy tones, warm yellows, and rustic browns. Introducing these enchanting hues can be done through cosy furnishings, that offer a stylish touch, whist bring perfect practicality into your home.

Naturals: Classic for a reason. The warmer tones of mocha, similarly to that of your hot coffee in the mornings are a great choice to decorate with. From wall paint to cosy additions such as blankets, you'll create a cosy and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for family nights in.

Mustard: A timeless staple colour throughout the seasons. This bright and cheery tone will uplift the mood in your living space and offer a happy and calming atmosphere where your guests feel at home. Easy to style, this colour is a keen first choice for the implementation of colour into your design.

Mustard bathroom decor - Autumn home colour trends

The striking hues of mustard, pairs exceptionally with more natural colours and warm grey tones, making it a perfect choice as a temporary trend fix for autumn as you can add layers to your current décor without taking anything away.

Blush Pink: Picture this. The colours of a vibrant sunset on an autumnal evening as the temperature drops. Incorporate these warm and classy tones into your décor. Small accents can make a big difference. To start with a small dose of pink, try placing statement candles in your home, or perhaps take out your summer cushions and switch for a blush, rosy pink design this fall.

Adorn your spaces with the colour of autumn to create an inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a fall forest.

Texture, Texture, Texture: Style and Softness

Embrace the tactile beauty of autumn with a play on textures. Our collection boasts a variety of materials that range from sumptuously soft cottons to delightful chunky bobbles.

Picture stepping out of a warm bath onto a plush bath mat, wrapping yourself in a velvety towel, or snuggling under a textured throw on a cool evening. Learn how layering different textures can add depth and comfort to your home.

Take our most-loved Country House Collection. Beautifully co-ordinated bath mats and towels crafted from 100% natural cotton in a striking, sculpted vintage pattern.

White Country House Towels and Bath Mats

The perfect blend of cottage style and cosy charm, the pattern of these textured towels and mats will add subtle interest to your bathroom décor.

For those who crave absolute comfort underfoot, you'll adore our collection of thick bobble mats, whether you're looking for a bath mat, toilet mat or square shower mat - this co-ordinated collection will style your floor no matter your needs.

For the final touch of cohesion in your bathroom, add towels in a matching colour. These details won't go unnoticed and will provide a put together and homely touch to your guests.

Patterns From The Outside: Implementing Florals

Autumn isn't just about colours; it's also about the patterns that evoke the season's magic. Consider Autumn leaves, acorns, and feminine floral designs.

Alongside leafy bathroom friendly plants and green bouquets, the vibrant colours and visuals of florals can be implemented through patterned towels.

Floral patterns have a timeless appeal that seamlessly introduce classic elegance into your living space. They can complement a wide range of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary.

New for this year, our Marrakesh Sculpted Towels are a perfect choice. Beautifully soft and delicate on the skin - adding luxury to your bathroom routine as you wrap up after a hot, relaxing bath.

Sage Green Towels - Floral Autumn Decor

When not in use, these towels add warmth and visual interest, creating a stylish focal point in your bathroom décor.

For the final flourish, match these floral towels with a colour co-ordinated, sage green bath mat. Challenging traditional shaped bath mats, this round rug will add softness to your bathroom floor, eliminating harsh lines from your design.

So, pair the stylish floral design of these towels with its gorgeous green colour scheme and you'll have the perfect autumn atmosphere in your bathroom or ensuite.

Layering Up: Versatility of Throws

When it comes to adding warmth and style to your home during the autumn season, few items are as versatile and comforting as throws.

Whether draped over a sofa, folded neatly at the foot of your bed, or used as a snug companion on the sofa during a chilly evening, throws are essential for creating a cosy atmosphere.

If timeless charm and sophistication are what you seek, opt for the Darwin Tartan Throw, a must-have addition to your autumn décor.

Embracing the tradition of Scottish tartan, this classic throw features a rich interplay of warm colours and patterns that evoke a sense of heritage and cosiness.

Darwin Check Throw - Tartan Blankets

For those with a desire for modern design, the Audley Herringbone Throw is a sleek and stylish choice. Its contemporary herringbone pattern adds texture and visual interest, making it a versatile accent piece for any space.

Or maybe your idea of autumn styling is all about indulgence and comfort? The Savannah Chenille Throw is a luxurious choice. Its plush chenille fabric and intricate detailing create an inviting haven for relaxation.

Whether you're looking to layer up in your own home or you're looking for a thoughtful present, our collection of throws and blankets arrive beautifully ribbon tied, for that extra little luxurious touch.

Start the cosy transition

This autumn, let your home resonate with the spirit of the season. With our diverse collection of bath mats, towels, and throws, you can effortlessly create an ambiance that embraces the warmth, colours, and textures of autumn.

Whether you're sipping a cup of spiced tea under a throw or stepping onto a soft bath mat after a long day, our products are here to make your home a haven of comfort and style.

Explore our collection today and embark on a journey of autumnal transformation.

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